Footprint Dan Brisse Kingfoam 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The Footprint Dan Brisse Kingfoam Orthotics is one I wasn’t sure about since it isn’t a true heat mold-able insole but I think I like it more than the Game Changers. It’s softer, feels more rubbery/shock absorbent and feels like its part of the boot. It also makes a boot with average shock absorption feel like it’s doubled.

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The Kingfoam model is hard to not recommend to any snowboarder.  As I write this review I can’t think of another insole at this level. It feels like it’s what should come with every snowboard boot. Its the kind of insole you want in your boot if you have bad knees, hips, ankles or just want to ride longer in this short life we live. It almost doesn’t feel like foam but some kind of EVA/Rubber hybrid.  I often ride the Burton Ion boots and love everything about them except for the minimal shock absorption in the sole. With the Kingfoam insole in there, it takes the boot back to what I would consider an acceptable level of shock absorption. It’s still not perfect but it’s got a lot more going on that before and now I can ride it with bindings that don’t have much shock absorption without feeling like there is no barrier between my the binding and my precious joints.

The interior fit is snugger than the factory insole but all aftermarket insoles are like this. I didn’t feel any pressure points and it blends in with the boot

My one complaint with this and all footprint insoles is the extra padding on the bottom part of your foot where your toes connect to your feet.  It sticks out a bit and feels a little weird. I’d love to have an option where it’s not there.  Maybe over time, these will mold in better with my feet but I’m not into them.

I think back to when I first tried an aftermarket insole (Superfeet) and remember it being much better than my factory insoles but still didn’t feel great. Little did I know how at the time much further you could go in terms of support and shock absorption.  It’s just a whole other level.

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