Drop Web 2021 Review by The Good Ride

Drop Web Snowboard Glove Video Review

0:00 – Intro, 0:11 – Summary, 0:43 – Fit/Dexterity, 1:16 – Nose Wipes, 1:37 – Construction, 2:02 – Warmth, 2:28 – Conclusion

The Drop Web Glove is tough to get on/off but it has amazing dexterity, is well made, and over time conforms perfectly to your hand.

The Drop Web Glove Review- How it fits and who it is for

Drop Web Glove








James’ Glove Specs
Medium with Most Large with some
Wrist to Middle Finger: 19 cm
Circumference around Knuckles: 22.5 cm


There is a very tight fit and it really conforms to your hand/fingers. It makes for a very dexterious glove.

On & Off

If you have wet hands it is hard to get the Drop Web on and off. I wish there was a wider opening with a large tab to get this on and off easier.

Nose Wipes

The Nose wipes aren’t the softest but sure do hold a lot of your nasty nose juice.


Like all Drop gloves this is really well made. It can easily handle a 100 day season if you treat them well.


This is warm for a thin glove like this but not warm in the grand scheme of things. It is best for people who prefer dexterity over warmth. I found it good in the mid 20’s up.


Gore-Tex does it all and even though the glove is tight, the rain I was in one day didn’t soak through the membrane.


The Drop Web Glove isn’t an easy glove to recommend to everyone. It is marketed as a park glove but the Tahoma Mitt and Cascade glove can do that as well. If you want a really tight fitting dexterous glove then you get the Drop Web. I personally really like this glove and haven’t felt a glove fit like this since the long discontinued Yeti Glove. It is just hard to recommend as a daily driver. It is a little easier though to recommend as a quiver glove.

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Drop Web Snowboard Glove Review
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