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0:00 – Intro, 0:21 – Summary, 0:49 – Foam, 1:14 – Straps, 1:28 – Magnetic Lens, 1:41 – Fit, 1:59 – Anti-Fogging, 2:17 – Lenses & Field Of View, 3:04 – Conclusion, 3:27– About our reviews

Turn Ons: Great fit, good field of view. Good price point.

Turn Offs: Magnetic Lens comes off easy. Limited lens colors and blue lens makes faces look sickly.

The Drop Traffic has a great fit, wide field of view at a reasonable price. If you can get through the magnet only and Lens colors this goggle could work.

James Head Specs
Medium with Most Helmets
Oval face shape with a medium sized nose
Tested with the Smith Maze Helmet

Drop Traffic Goggle Review



The foam on the Drop Traffic really feels good on the face and its almost there with Oakley who I think has the best foam.


Pretty standard straps with lots of Silicon on it. It sticks to your helmet really well.

Magnetic Lens

This is one deal breaker for me. I always lift my goggles up with one hand and when I do with the Drop Traffic the lens pops off. Then I get snow on the inside of my lens which is never good. If they can add an easy to flip latch then this would be perfect.


This goggle fits me really well. Any bigger though and it might be too big.


I fogged the Drop Dyad a little faster than the Traffic but I still fogged it up. That being said I fog up almost all goggles except for Smith’s high end models. It didn’t fog up super quick on a powder day so I think it would be good for most normal humans out there.

Lenses & Field Of View

There is a pretty wide field of view. It’s not massive like my Smith 4D Mag but it definitely near the upper end of the spectrum. It is very easy to check your six. So the low light yellow lens is great and I have no complaints. The blue bright light lens has a bit of a foggy look at first but you adjust really quick. It picks up details in snow really well and it is fine on the mountain. In the lift line all the faces you see look sickly and it is a little unsettling at first. I would like to see additional lens options.


So the magnets or blue lens might be a deal breaker for some but if you can get past that you get a pretty good goggle at this price point.

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Drop Traffic 2021 Snowboard Goggle Review
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