Dragon APX 2014 - 2012 Review by The Good Ride

The Dragon APX is a big departure from the DX series and offers a very wide peripheral view as well as a good streamlined look. This is the flagship model for Dragon and they do a good job with them.  Now Dragon has been around for a while and the APX has been here for a season or two.  These have a great fit and a really good field of view.  The lens options are varied as well and you have a wide variety to choose from.  The only issue that I can see with these goggles is their anti-fogging capabilities.  The 2012  Dragon APX goggles we tried fogged and it was a normal day on the hill.  The 2013 models we tried did not fog up but it leads us to believe that these aren’t up to par as some of the other high-end competitors. A lot of goggles this big sag or pinch the nose but these fit our faces very well. So It’s hard to say if we had a bad pair or if this is a common issue with Dragon Goggles in general.  I know that my DX and DXs goggles fogged up a lot but I think the APX’s higher quality lens and bigger size make for better anti-fogging. All in all, there is a great fit and with many lens options. I would pair them up with a helmet that has goggle venting and they should work well.


Peter’s Take on the 2013 Dragon APX

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Kyle’s Take on the 2012 Dragon APX

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