Dakine Boot Locker 2014 - 2007 Review by The Good Ride

The Dakine Boot Locker Bag has been used by me for many years and it’s been a pretty solid travel buddy.

It’s not a complete travel bag but it’s also more than just a boot bag.  The top compartment is big enough to hold your outerwear and even some 1st layer stuff so your regular clothes bag isn’t over burdened. If you are a weekend warrior it might be able to hold everything but for me it would be tight.  The material is very sturdy and so is the zipper. I will say that the little ventilation holes in the boot section help a little but not enough to encounter a wall of foul foot smell when you open it after a long trip home.  In order to preserve my boots I don’t put them in there on the way home unless they have been dried out.  I usually leave them connected to Dry Guys in the car or just take them apart and leave them in the back. I usually put dirty clothes or stinky first layers in that compartment instead. All in all this is a great bag for a weekend warrior or part of a system for the occasional week long to 1 month travelers like myself.

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List Price US $60
Dakine Boot Locker Review And Buying Advice
Manufactured in China

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