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The Cusa Tea Immune Boost is a refreshing tea that has a nice hint of mint and licorice. You can drink this hot or cold. The taste varied slightly between the hot and cold temps, but both are good. And it isn’t just a tea, but is made to give your immune system a little boost every time you drink it.

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How This Review Happened: We spent our precious Good Ride dollars to purchase this and test it out.

Testers: Steph

Weight: 0.35 ounces

Taste: When I drank the Immune Boost tea hot, I got the minty flavor first and then at the end you taste the sweet licorice. When I tried it cold, the other flavors seemed stronger and the licorice was more subtle. But either way it was a nice refreshing flavor, and a good addition to my backpacking drinks. I also like that there is no sugar in this tea. But it does have a slight sweetness to it from the licorice.

Preparation: The Cusa Tea dissolves easily into hot or cold water. You just open the packet, pour it into hot or cold water, stir and enjoy.

Overall: The Cusa Tea Immune Boost would be a nice thing to bring on any trip. It takes up almost no space, is easy to make, and is good as a cold or hot drink. It is nice to have a variety of drinking options when out on the trail too. And the fact that it helps your immune system out is just an added bonus.

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Cusa Tea Immune Boost 2020 Review
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