Burton Wheelie Gig Bag 2014 - 2013 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton Wheelie Gig Bag is in the right price range for a travel far kind of bag and offers up pretty good protection.  It can carry a lot of boards and a lot of gear.

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I’ve used this gig bag for a few years and I have 2 different sizes.  Tim uses one too when he comes out from Europe to the states.  I’ve carried about 8 boards in it without bindings and 3 boards with a fourth board that has bindings.  It can also carry 1 board with bindings, a 2nd or 3rd board, boots, a second pair of bindings and even some outerwear.  I’ve dropped the bag with the boards in it and not a single bit of damage.  It’s hard to say what bag is a favorite and what isn’t with so few out there but let’s just say that I choose to own this for long trips and when I use the airport.  I can carry my Departure Bag on my back and wheel this along the airport halls. I’d say my only complaint is I’d like to see the front of the bag be stiff like the tail so if you are carrying a shorter board than a 166 it doesn’t curve up and become more difficult to carry. Other than that I’m really happy with this bag and the sizing options they provide.


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Burton Wheelie Gig Bag Review And Buying Advice
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