Burton Softshell Back Protector 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton Softshell Back Protector is a great thing to own.  It has D3O which is soft and flexible until it hits something and then it’s like having an exoskeleton. If you are going to use back protection D3O is for sure the way to go.  I’d like to see them add a little D30 on the sides of the upper hips and along the back of the pant line.  When I fall I always seem to hit that and if I have D3O there I usually can keep riding. It wraps well around your body and is almost completely un-noticeable unless someone puts their hand on your back. It’s much slimmer than the older back protectors and the great thing is it offers more protection as well.  Is it worth 125?  I guess it depends on if you want to ride for a long time or just ride through your teens and early 20’s and then give up. For me this and other D3O products have saved my ass many times.  Falling in snowboarding is inevitable and you never know what part of your body you are going to hit. Your back is pretty important and this covers most of the important parts. Don’t think you don’t need this just because you don’t go big.  Most of my worst injuries never happen falling hitting a big kicker or dropping a cliff.  It’s usually some idiot who hits you from behind or some stupid thing that happens to do something you always do.

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Burton Softshell Back Protector Review And Buying Advice
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