Blenders Eyewear Aura Snow Goggles 2021 Review by The Good Ride

The Aura Snow Goggles from Blenders Eyewear come with magnetic lenses, a flexible face frame backed with 3 layer foam, an awesome goggle case and an extra low light bonus lens.

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How This Review Happened: These goggles were sent to us for an extended demo.

Riders: Steph

The Aura Snow Goggles featured in this review are the Diva Drama color scheme. They come with the Crystal Champagne lens. The Blenders website says that the Crystal Champagne lens is good for overcast or partly cloudy conditions. I found them dark enough for sunny bluebird conditions as well. They seem to be a good everyday lens that will do well in most light conditions you see on the mountain.

These goggles also come with a low light yellow lens that would be good for storm days, as well as night shredding.

The Aura Snow Goggles have a wide field of view without giving you a bubble face. They are fairly wide, but should fit most helmets well.

I wore these goggles on a semi-cold powder day, as well as at work while I was teaching snowboarding on a very warm day. Both days, I had a two layer face mask tucked under the goggles. I didn’t have any problems with fogging. I was wearing them with the Flash/Midnight Neck Gaiter from Blenders and found both the goggles and the gaiter to be breathable enough that I didn’t get all fogged up.

The magnetic lenses I think were my favorite part of the Aura Snow Goggles. This makes switching between lenses super fast and easy, and you don’t even have to take the goggles off your face to do it.

I was surprised at the features and quality the goggles had for the price point that Blenders sells them at. They also pair well with the Dome Helmet from Blenders if you are looking for a seamless goggle/helmet pair.


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Blenders Eyewear Aura Snow Goggles 2021 Review
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