Venture Storm 2014 - 2011 Review by The Good Ride

The Venture Storm is a great aggressive flat to rocker powder to freeride board.  It’s like a flat to rocker Salomon Burner.  It’s very well made and comes in a size for almost everyone.  It also comes in split and it’s a great board for those who love stable bombing rides on groomers and excellent effortless float in powder.  We are big fans of this aggressive tapered flat to rocker shape.  Especially for Powder. For 2011 the Venture Storm is all rocker.  This is like a rocker version of the Salomon Burner and Burton Supermodel.  This rocker design lets the rocker happen after the bindings which allows for stability at high speed or flat basing but a more effortless float than it’s camber competitors   The flat between the feet helps you plain in powder better and hold an edge better than a continuous rocker snowboard.  You aren’t going to get the pop or really any pop like you would with the cambered version but you get a lot more float in pow which is a better trade off to us.  It’s a different kind of carve than a traditional board but once you get use to it the Venture Storm will do it’s job well. This is a great back country/powder board that is not found in many places due to Ventures lack of effort to market outside of CO. They make this board in a split, and regular shape. The craftsmanship is top notch and Venture puts out one of the best if not the best split boards when it comes to construction in the US. They also have a waist width that will accommodate men, women and wide feet. For 2012 not much has changed   We aren’t 100% sold on the women specific snowboard and like that Venture has a smaller women’s friendly size for every snowboard. We have noticed that many women’s specific shapes don’t have the newest tech and that sucks.  Venture is a snowboarding company that we hope never goes out of business. Not much has changed between 2013 and 2014.

2013 Venture Storm Split

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Price US $565

Venture Storm Review And Buying Advice

Approx. Weight

Feels Normal

Riding Style


Riding Level

Advanced - Expert

Available Widths

Women's, Regular, Mid/Wide, Wide

Manufactured in

USA by Venture


Tapered Directional

Camber Profile

Flat to Rocker


Set Back

On Snow Feel




Turn Initiation




Uneven Terrain


Edge Hold

Hard to Soft













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