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Smokin Awesymmetrical Review And Buying Advice

Smokin Awesymmetrical 2015 - 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The Smokin Awesymmetrical is a fun twin that takes the idea of the Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case and mixes it up a bit to make it more of it’s own asymmetrical or Awesymmetrical board. We had a pretty fun time on this and felt that it offers up a duck stance ride that many riders can appreciate.

Size: 156
Days: 2
Conditions: One day with some groomers, light snow and powder off piste.  Mainly Good Sierra snow in the morning that started to get slushy and thick mid day.
Riders: James and Peter
Boots: Burton Imperial, Nike Lunarendore
Bindings: Burton MalavitaSalomon Defender
Set Up: Centered about 23″ wide 15 front -15 back.

Approximate Weight: Feels medium to bordering on heavy.

On Snow Feel: The Awesymmetrical offers up a ride that feels more like a combo between EC2 BTX and C2 BTX. It felt a little more stable between the feet than some C2’s I tried and a little less stable or about the same as some EC2 BTX models I tried like the Forest Bailey Space Case.  it felt pretty stable between the feet but occasionally got loose like most hybrid rocker boards do in the few harder patches of snow that I encountered. I’m calling this a freestyle ride but it definitely could be an all mountain freestyle ride as well. It felt like a fun playful board.

Powder: No powder but the ease it handled slushy snow made me think it will plane well in powder for a twin with a centered stance.

Turn Initiation and Carving: Pretty easy edge to edge and almost snappy. It’s not super quick but definitley quick and playful.  Carving was pretty good but nothing out of the ordinary.  The tip/tail didn’t wash on more aggressive turns. All in all turning was fun with this board.

Speed: Pretty stable for a twin and it offered decent mountain speed. Its nothing to write home about but it’s pretty fun for cruising the mountain and it has all the speed you need in the park.

Uneven Terrain: The groomers and even parts of the park got pretty torn up with the softer snow and the Smokin Awesymmetrical did a solid job navagating through bumpy pushed around runs.

Edge Hold: There is pretty solid edge hold here that borders on excellent.  I personally like the more mellow magnetraction that Smokin has for where I mainly ride because it handles softer snow very well without being too grabby. This kind of magnetraction handles a wider range of conditions better than the more aggressive magnetraction. If you ride in harder to icy conditions then you want the more aggressive magnetraction.

Flex: Felt pretty middle ground and like all Mervin boards it probably works it’s way to med/soft after some time on it.

Switch: This is the next level of perfect for riding switch for most duck stance snowboarders. Asymmetrical side cuts make switch even easier than true twins It’s the kind of ride that inspires confidence and makes you want to ride switch more.

Jibbing: I didn’t really jib much and I hope to get Kyle, Jimbo and Peter on it for more jibbing but from what few jibs I hit I liked it well enough. Didn’t blow my mind but it was good enough.

Pipe:  Had a couple passes in the pipe and it moved from wall to wall well, held an edge in the one icy side and climbed the soft side just fine too.

Jumps: There is pretty good pop going on here with the Smokin Awesymmetrical.  It’s got a fun spring to it and I had fun popping over the little bumps in the snow as well as hitting small to medium size kickers with a few passes in the park.

All in all I think this is a fun board that many could like and it’s a nice alternative for those that like the Gnu Forest Bailey Space Case but can’t find the right size for their feet. I liked the graphics better with the Awesymmetrical but the ride a little better with the Space Case. I’d like to spend more time on this board with our crew to get to know it better.

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