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Salomon Gypsy Review And Buying Advice

Salomon Gypsy 2015 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

The Salomon Gypsy changed up the camber profile for 2013 and continued on in 2014 making it hybrid camber instead of Flat to Rocker and now it’s quite a different ride. Both versions were a lot of fun but the new Hybrid camber edges out the old one due to the improved pop, carving and better all mountain freestyle feel.  That being said if  you want better float in powder and a more loose feel, the older Gypsy is better.

There is a whole different feel to the Salomon Gypsy for 2013 and 2014.  It’s a board that appeals to a much stronger/aggressive rider than the past flat-rocker boards.  It’s primarily a camber side of things

On Snow Feel: The Gypsy has a stronger ride to it this year compared to its previous flat to rocker profile.  It’s going to be stable between the feet but a little catchy and lives on the aggressive side of things. It’s an attack the mountain regular or switch, stop in the pipe and hit the bigger kickers kind of board.  It will appeal to a technical/aggressive all mountain freestyle rider that wants a camber feel but also wants a little taste of the benefits of the hybrid profile world.

Turn Initiation and Carving- The Gypsy takes a little more work than the old Flat to Rocker shape but boy can it carve much better now. It’s still a fun ride but we’d say the turn initiation is now moderate side instead of easy. It’s not as quick edge to edge compared to the flat to rocker model but it’s camber makes it feel more lively when you do so when making short radius turns. It’s a lot more fun when it comes to wider radius turns and carving. You can really lay into a tun and receive more spring out of it now compared to the old rocker Gypsy.

Powder: The old rocker Gypsy is better here. It’s not bad for a twin camber board but the old rocker that Salomon had was much more effortless. You can get a little more ollie power in the camber so if you are more of an advanced powder rider you might appreciate the new hybrid camber but the effortless float isn’t there any more.

Speed: The addition of some camber gave it a better all around feel when you pick up speed now. The base is similar but the feel is indescribably better.

Uneven Snow- This is going to be not as good as many other twins out there. There is more pass through when you have to slow down and deal with bumpy or hard chunky snow.

Approximate Weight- Same easy on the knee feel that the old Gypsy had.

Flex: Still has that great flex that the old Gypsy had. The butter factor is a little less but still pretty fun. The flex in the tip/tail is softer so it’s still pretty playful.

Switch: Same either way.

Jibbing– Just as good and maybe even a tad better if you like soft camber boards in the jib park.

Pipe: The camber added to the good original side cut make the Gypsy a much better pipe board

Jumps: Before the old rocker model wasn’t lifeless but it wasn’t at the top of the pop game.  The new Gypsy is much better than the old.  It’s springy and fun to ollie and a great ride on a line of jumps.

All in all we are much happier with the improvement in all around ride of the new Hybrid Camber Gypsy.  Probably the only real draw back is the performance in powder.

The 2012 and older Salomon Gypsy Review by The Good Ride

The Salomon Gypsy is one of those super fun boards that can do just about anything out there well and can live on either side of the park fence.  Our only complaint is it should of received a different name.

2012 and Below How it Rides

How It Rides
Groomers Average Speed Good Flex Soft Rails/
Powder Good Weight Light Carving
Average Pipe Good
Turn Initiation Easy Edge Hold Average Switch Excellent Jumps Good

Groomers/Turning/Carving– The Gypsy is one of those boards you would think would be too washy and chattery to have a good time on groomers but we were surprised here.  We expected playful but didn’t expect it’s ability to turn as well as it did. Neither of us were bombing but it was really fun to make a good turn or two and then look for something on the side of the run to jib or jump.  It’s a fun ollie, make a few turns, butter, and medium speed kind of play around the mountain board.  When making short quick turns the Gypsy had no problem getting from edge to edge quickly without feeling too sticky. When we opened up into a serious carve we expected a wash out a lot earlier than we thought.  It held really well and was fun to make wide open turns on the hill.  It was a lot more fun than we expected.

Powder: For a twin with a centered stance the Gypsy does a great job. It’s no super dynamic pow board but if you live in areas with light fluffy snow you might never want for more.  If you live in areas with thick coastal deep storms that bury houses you will be wanting something more.

Speed:  It’s going to hold up pretty well at moderate speed and the base wasn’t super slow.  It’s more than you need for most park approaches and about average on the mountain side.

Weight– To us it felt pretty light and didn’t really bring the weight to our attention either way.

Edge Hold: The Gypsy held an edge pretty well but didn’t’ blow minds like some did.   The “equalizer” sidecut helps make the Gypsy hold an edge a lot better than it should but it stops a little short of magnetraction.  We never felt like we needed more edge hold but didn’t feel like there was no limit to the Gypsy.

Flex: The flex is medium but felt more soft on the hill.  It’s soft but not soo soft that it’s limp.

Switch: A true twin with flat/rocker like this makes it easier to rider switch for those that do it allot or want to learn.

Rails/Jibbing: Pretty fun to lap the jib park with.  There are softer more jib friendly boards out there but the Gypsy is pretty fun.  The flat between the feet makes it pretty easy to slide.

Pipe: It doesn’t have that pipe wall magic but it’s pretty fun for a board of this shape.

Jumps: When it comes to getting it up on your own… the air it doesn’t need jump Viagra but it might need a fluffer.  What we mean is the board is not completely dead but compared to other boards out there it’s just not as springy.  Still its very fun to lap the jump park or try something new off a smaller natural hit.

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