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Roxy Torah Bright Snowboard Review and Buying Advice

Roxy Torah Bright 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The Roxy Torah Bright XC2 BTX is in a lot of ways the TRS in a women’s shape which is not a bad thing.  It’s a great board for those that like the mountain just as much as they like the park.  Sorry about the windy vid.

Days:  1
Conditions:  Really good soft but not quite perfect snow with only a few hard patches.
Riders: Ginger and Amber Jean
Boots: Gingers 32 boots from like 10 years ago and Amber Jeans Felix
Bindings: Roxy Team

Set Up: Centered 15 front -15 back

Approximate Weight: Felt normal

On Snow Feel:  The extra camber provides a pretty stable platform between the feet for hybrid rocker and it’s easier to one foot and flat base off the chair compared to C2 BTX.  It’s a much different ride than the old Ollie Pop that I believe this replaced.  It’s all in the XC2 BTX as it’s shorter rocker and longer camber profile give it a much more stable hybrid rocker feel that a lot will like.

Turn Initiation: Pretty quick and easy for short radius turns. Medium to wide radius turns are fun and springy.  It’s one of those boards that’s fun to turn.

Flex:   Not super easy to butter like but very doable.  It’s got a nice snap out of the tip and tail and the flex feels very middle ground.  Over time it goes to med/soft.

Edge Hold:   Great board for those that see hard to icy conditions.

Powder:  The XC2 BTX profile gives the Torah a pretty stable ride but at a small price of float compared to the C2 BTX models. It would be nice to have a set back here so there is more directional float.  It’s still a good amount better than Camber but it’s not as good as some hybrid rocker and other rocker shapes out there.

Carving:   There is much better carving power with the extra camber and you can really lay into a carve well with this new camber profile.

Speed:  The base has good glide and the board is pretty stable at high speed.  It’s no mountain bomber but it’s got a pretty stable ride for an all mountain freestyle twin.

Uneven Terrain:   You can ride this all day to the last crappy run at the end of a crowded saturday without it getting cranky on you.

Switch:   pretty much the same either way.  The only thing better is an asymmetrical board.

Jumps:   Really good pop for an ollie and really fun in the jump park.

Jibbing:   Not really it’s strongest point but it’s not bad for mid level jibs.

Pipe: Amazing edge hold and a really fun design for pipe riding.

It’s a solid choice for those that want to ride the mountain switch and regular as well as hit the park/pipe. It’s what you might call a mountain twin.  We’d love to see a board like this with the same shape and camber profile but just a set back stance so it can act as a better directional powder board as well as a more versatile quiver killer.

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