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The Rossigonol Diva has been in the good graces of two of the most prestigious snowboard review awards in the US as well as us here at The Good Ride. The Rossignol Diva can hold an edge as good as a super stiff boarder cross snowboard. It’s mainly a rocker snowboard but that little camber between the feet makes a big difference and its a great all mountain ride. Not much has changed the last couple of years but it’s still a great board and especially so for the rider who likes icy conditions.

The Rossignol Diva is one of those boards that should probably get a lot more recognition that it does. We found this to be fun for all that rode it.  It’s even a bit on the aggressive side. For me the editor it was one of my favorite boards I have tried recently and for the other riders it really surprised them. All of us agreed that this is a solid all conditions all mountain ride.

In 2011 The Diva added their hybrid camber tech to the MTX shape and now it has a stable ride as well as a better float in powder. All in all the Diva can do great things throughout the mountain and is reasonably priced.  The 2010 is a great board but the 2011 hybrid camber tech is worth it to spend more money on for a better all conditions ride.  The 2013 is very similar to the 2012 but just tiny bit better due to some fine tuning.

On Snow Feel:  The Rossignol Diva has a very stable versatile ride.  It’s got a rare ability to allow an intermediate rider to handle it in a mellow way but still entertain an aggressive expert rider.  Its a board for many moods and conditions.  It’s got more camber between the feet than most Rossignol Amptek boards but there is still a good amount of rocker. The stable but catch free feeling combined with some of the best edge hold we have come across makes this one of the best firm to icy condition boards out there.  It loves speed, carving, the pipe and is all right when it comes to jumps.

Powder: This is a directional twin with a little bit of a setback so it’s not going to blow your powder mind but the pretty solid rocker after the bindings makes for a good float for a board of this shape.  We had a little powder and a really deep deep day.  The Diva did a good job staying afloat but it wasn’t effortless.

Turn Initiation and Carving- The Diva seems to be a pretty stiff board torsionally. It’s not difficult to turn but it does take a slight bit of work.  We still found it very easy to make quick tight turns and even more fun to make bigger wide turns.  When it comes to carving the Diva had the ability to carve on snow that you would normally wash out on.  In the areas that had good snow we could really lean into a turn.

Speed: Very Stable and Damp but it’s not like some of the stiffer boards.  The base isn’t super high end tech and it’s not as fast as many of the bases we have experienced but it is right up there with the average board out there.  If this had a faster base this might have an excellent rating.

Uneven Terrain: It’s not ideal for bumpy terrain but it can hang when you make a wrong turn down a mogul run or have to deal with end of the day crowded snow there are better boards but it’s not going to make you pay for it.

Approximate Weight- Pretty light but not a feather weight.  Still its well built and not much to feel on your foot when riding the chair.

Edge Hold: Right up there with all the great Magnetraction boards.  The kind of Hybrid Camber Rossignol has makes for very good edge hold to start with. When you add Magnetraction to this it makes for edge hold that we feel is incredibly grippy. The only time we aren’t supper stoked on the Diva is when the snow is very soft.  It’s a common problem with many magnetraction boards.  They seem to dig in a little too deep or can be a little too grippy in wet, cruddy or dense soft snow.  The Diva is an absolute dream on a hard pack day.

Flex: Pretty stiff between the feet but the tip and tail are not as stiff.  The torsional stiffness is up there though.  It’s not that easy to butter but it’s not terrible.

Switch: We found this to be very easy switch.  It’s almost like a twin.

Jibbing- Not ideal.  If you filed down the edges you could slide around ok but it’s not for big technical jibs.

Pipe: The Diva just screams pipe. It climbs the pipe wall very well and will hold an edge no matter how icy.  It also drives very well from wall to wall and has the feeling that beginner to really accomplished riders should appreciate.

Jumps: It’s pretty poppy but not as poppy as some of the boards we have used.  You can still generate a good amount of air from this board.  Launching off of kickers of small to pretty damn big will work with this board as well.  It’s pretty forgiving when it comes to landing too.

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Price US $449

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