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Never Summer Infinity Snowboard Review And Buying Advice

Never Summer Infinity 2015 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

The Never Summer Infinity is one of their most popular boards and this is for a good reason. This fits a wide scope of riding styles and ability levels.  It’s also a good all conditions ride.  There are only a few companies out there right now that understand how to make an all mountain hybrid rocker board and the Infinity is one of them.  The Infinity hasn’t changed much over the years but that’s common for women’s boards.

Thanks Never Summer and P3 in Mammoth for letting us try it.
Riders: Ginger, Tawny and Helaine
Conditions- Deep powder to hard snow

The Never Summer Infinity is a great choice for a women’s hybrid rocker all mountain board and one of our favorites.   Lets face it there aren’t many in the women’s dept but still this would be a top board if it were in the mens/unisex dept. We took this twinish shaped board in powder, groomers, trees, the park and steeps.  The Infinity handled everything better than we could of imagined for a hybrid rocker board and great for any kind of all mountain board.  We have ridden the 2010-2014 models. The newer the year it seems just a bit better flat basing on hard pack or one footing off the chair.  Maybe we are getting use to hybrid rocker but it seems like things have changes. This is one of our favorite all mountain rocker snowboards.

On Snow Feel:   So the Infinity feels pretty stable in softer snow but when it gets harder it can feel a little loose between the feet for one footing and flat basing. It’s very forgiving and offers a pretty fun all mountain, cruise the groomers, float really well in powder kind of ride. Despite the semi-stable ride between the feet it has a pretty damp almost rubbery feel under foot that is unique to never summer.

Turn Initiation and Carving: Easy to turn but it still doesn’t feel effortless and most will like this.  It initiates edge to edge quick but not lightning quick. The one thing we noticed was the Infinity seemed to be a little washy when making a skidded turn.   It’s pretty easy to get this board from edge to edge in any condition but gives just enough resistance to make you work just a little bit for it. When throwing out a harder carve or wide radius turn it’s missing a little something that makes it great but the tip/tail don’t give out unless you really put some hard carving weight into the board.  There is a little spring return at the end of the turn that makes it more fun than continuous or Flat to Rocker boards.

Powder: There are so few powder days in a season so it’s hard to understand how a board will perform when it gets deep. We had many days with not much over a foot but finally had some deep days.  The float is very effortless and easy for a board of it’s shape and size.  It’s no powder board but you wouldn’t of expected a ride like this from a board like this before reverse camber.

Speed: We expected more chatter from this hybrid rocker shape and we were pleasantly surprised. The tip/tail do bounce a bit but the board is pretty damp so it doesn’t feel like the tip tail are sending that chatter throughout the entire board.

Uneven Terrain: The Infinity can handle uneven end of the day snow very well. It’s got some kind of dampening system that is pretty good at speed but still mellow enough to handle slower bumpy end of the day snow.

Approximate Weight–  The Never Summer Infinity is on the heavy side like all Never Summer boards.  However they are one of the only companies that have a 3 year warranty so it’s worth a little extra pressure on your leg when riding the chair.  This board should last longer than most out there.

Edge Hold: The Infinity did hold a edge quite well without grabbing too much.  It had the ability to hold an edge on hard pack days.  It wouldn’t be ideal for the ice coast but will do well in most conditions sane people consider worth riding in.

Flex: Right there in the middle flex wise but the rocker and camber profile offers a pretty easy ride to butter and press compared to some All Mountain boards.  You can get the board to flex past the camber profile and that’s just fine.

Jibbing– It runs a little longer and rides stiffer than a good jib board should but its not completely unforgiving either.  If you want to hit a box or bonk it should be fine but it’s no jib specialist.

Switch:  This is a twinish board but not a twin.  The contact of the nose and tail is minimal and that helps the Infinity ride better switch than a cambered version.  There is still a difference between regular and switch but you get use to it over time.

Pipe: It has enough edge hold and speed to climb a big pipe but at the same time the hybrid rocker shape will help you land when you come back down.  It’s a really fun ride here but it’s more aggressive riders might want a little more drive from wall to wall. For most it will inspire confidence in the pipe despite it running a little larger than a dedicated pipe board.

Jumps: It’s got reasonably good pop for an ollie and when the stance is centered can land pretty well switch.  Still it’s no Pandora when it comes to more advanced freestyle riding.

All in all this is a good choice for anyone looking to get a do everything board.  It does nothing really well but it does everything good. It’s shining points are it’s ability to make where ever you go easy.  It’s one of those boards that rides better under foot than it does on paper and can make a wide variety of women riders happy.


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