List Price US $659
Lib Tech Travis Rice Banana Hammock Review And Buying Advice
Overall Rating
Riding Style Powder
Riding Level Expert
Fits Boot size (US) 8-10, 10-12, > 12
Manufactured in USA by Mervin
Shape True Twin
Camber Profile Continuous Rocker
Stance Centered
Approx. Weight Feels Normal
Powder Good
Turning Experience
Carving Poor
Speed Average
Uneven Terrain Good
Switch Great
Jumps Good
Jibbing Average
Pipe Poor
On Snow Feel


Turn Initiation


Skidded Turns




Edge Hold

Soft Snow

Lib Tech Travis Rice Banana Hammock 2013 Review by The Good Ride

The Lib Tech Travis Rice Banana Hammock lives more in the experimental powder world than the functional one. It’s made for an all mountain freestyle approach to very deep powder days but if you aren’t in deep pow it’s very sketchy.  I put this up to say probably best to avoid this board and look at the Lib Tech Birdman instead if you want to conquer the ultra deep.  Mervin won’t let you demo it at most of the on snow demos unless there is a good amount of powder.  The waist is larger than the tip/tail and doesn’t look like any other snowboard out there. This is a weird scary board to ride if you aren’t in really deep powder. This board shows that riders like Travis can ride anything but it also sends a signal to the normal rider to be weary unless you only go out when it’s waist deep.  Maybe one of these days I’ll get this board sent to me for a few weeks and it will dump enough to give me the courage up to try it but don’t hold your breath readers.

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