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Lib Tech Attack Banana Continental 2016-2015 Snowboard Review

Lib Tech Attack Banana Continental 2016 - 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The Lib Tech Attack Banana Continental is a board that we all liked better than the regular Attack Banana.  It felt a little more stable, lighter and snappier than the regular version.

Size:  156
Days: 1
Conditions: Almost perfect CO snow but a little messy with some pow in the trees and only a few hard spots near the bottom.
Riders: James, Peter, Jimbo
Boots: Burton SLX, Burton Fiend LTD, Salomon F3.0
Bindings: Burton Genesis

Set Up: Centered approx 23″ wide 15 front -15 back

Approximate Weight: Felt like it was pretty light but not the lightest board we have ever tried.  Kind of on the border between light and normal.

On Snow Feel: It still felt a little loose but not as loose as the Attack Banana felt.  Not quite the most stable ride compared to other EC2 boards we tried like the Space Case and the Impossible and definitely not like any XC2 BTX board we have tried.  Definitely a little spinny one footing and flat basing and its the kind of board that you want to keep on edge most of the time when you want to go in the direction you are pointing the nose at.

Turn Initiation: Very quick and snappy turn initiation.  Short radius turns were quick and easy and medium to wide radius turns are fun as well. Not super springy and stable but very easy and snappy.

Flex: Nice middle ground flex that allows the board to butter well but also pop too at the tip/tail.

Edge Hold: Definitely has the mellow magnetraction that I think they call .5 and it doesn’t feel like regular MTX.  It has minimal to no grab in soft snow but just enough grab in harder snow to hold.  Not really an ice board for those east coasters or other mostly hard to icy condition riders out there.

Powder: Hey we were in Colaraaado pow so any board can float in this easy super light fluff but this board felt like it could hang in thick Sierra Snow pretty well for a twin.

Carving: Didn’t really have the spring out of a carve like boards with XC2 BTX or C3 camber but it was fun.

Speed: Pretty fast and not too chattery in the tip/tail

Uneven Terrain: easy in the bumps we found and fine in uneven snow you take at slower speeds.

Switch: It’s a twin so it turned the same either way. We have found that the only boards we like better are Mervin’s Asymmetrical boards as they seem to be a shade better switch.

Jumps: Nice snappy ollie friendly board and it felt really good for hitting kickers in the park.

Jibbing: Not quite the best jibber but it’s not that tough either.

Pipe:  Kind of middle ground in the pipe.  We all prefer mervin boards with a little more edge hold but more importantly a little more stability between the feet because the pipe is often soo hard in there.  Ok there is a joke somewhere in there but you know what I mean.

So all in all we liked the Continental version of the Attack Banana and felt it offered a little better all around ride than the standard Attack Banana but still had a lot of similarities.

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