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Capita Ultrafear 2016 Snowboard Review And Buying Advice

Capita Ultrafear 2017 - 2012 Review by The Good Ride

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The Capita Ultrafear is one of Capita’s Jib boards and its the kind of board that makes everything easier.  Also if you want a board that’s very similar in ride check out the Scott Stevens Pro.  We gave this the favorite nod but both boards made us really happy.  Not enough changed for 2017 so the only updates are more how it compares to the 2017 line. It does come in mid/wide though now. 

Size: 153 and 151
Days: 5+
Conditions: Mostly good sierra snow with some harder patches.
Riders: James, Peter and Jimbo
Boots: Burton SLX, Burton Fiend LTD, Salomon F3.0Burton Imperial (Favorite boot was the Fiend LTD and F3.0)
Bindings: Burton GenesisBurton MalavitaUnion Contact Pro, Union Atlas, Union Contact (Favorite binding was the Contact Pro)

Set Up: Centered 22.5-23″ wide 15 -15

Approximate Weight:  Felt medium to bordering on being light.

On Snow Feel:  Love the stability between the feet and it’s got a very easy playful feel.  It’s got a jib board feel but it also didn’t feel bad riding around the mountain at slower speeds or hitting kickers in the park.  I liked it’s super soft playful feel. I didn’t want to be in a hurry on the mountain but I mainly wanted to take this straight to the park.

Flex: The Capita Ultrafear felt truly soft and playful. It’s super easy to butter and just play around.  At first it takes a little getting use to because you could not be use to the super easy butterability and just butter right onto your ass.  It makes you look very good with little effort. Very playful and fun. One thing that I found interesting is that Capita gave it a 5.5 flex rating higher than the Capita Horrorscope.  On snow it felt like the Ultrafear was a softer easier board to butter than the Horrorscope. Wood isn’t super consistent so it’s hard to be certain but the Capita Scott Stevens flexed almost the same as the Ultrafear too and they have almost the same flex rating on Capita too.

Edge Hold:  Nothing great here but there was enough to grip most of the snow I experienced. There were some firmer areas in shady spots and such and it felt like it was just barely holding on.

Turn Initiation: Very quick edge to edge and it’s fun for quick short radius turns. It get’s more boring as your turns get wider and begin to get a little carvy though.

Skidded Turns: Super catch free and forgiving when it comes to skidding your turns. It can just spin and spin and spin without catching an edge like a continuous rocker board but when it’s time to stop spinning it tracks better than an all rocker board when going straight.

Carving:  he longer flat zone seemed to make the board hold better than expected on a harder carving turn but there was no spring or poppy feel in and out of the turn. Kind of lifeless and boring here but at least it held a bit in softer snow.

Powder:   No powder to speak of but for a smaller jib board it isn’t terrible.  It wants to stay afloat and if it came in larger sizing it would offer up good freestyle powder floating.

Speed: The Ultrafear bounces and chatters even at moderate speeds on the mountain but it’s a jib board so it’s not really anything to complain about.

Uneven Terrain: Nice easy shock absorption in the sloppy kind of bumpy snow I came across. It’s fine for slowly navigating through bumps but not really a board you want to hammer through because of the chattery softer flex.

Switch:  Almost perfect either way because it’s a true twin.

Jibbing:  I’m not a very good Jibber but this is one of those boards that made me feel like I was better than I was. It was soft flexy and forgiving on the beginner to intermediate jibs that I took it too. Jimbo had a field day with this and had a very comfortable time in the park. Its flex between the feat really becomes part of the jib and it’s a very confidence inspiring ride. It made me forget at times that I posses a beaten up injury plagued body and it stepped up my pretty weak jib game. It’s a great board for trying new things with and there is less consequence with this than most boards we’ve tried.  We liked this a bit better than the Horrorscope but just by a bit.

Pipe: The edges were still nice and new so I took one pass through the 22′ super pipe at Mammoth and it handled better than I thought but still wasn’t anything to write home about. I wouldn’t want to lap the pipe with this.

Jumps: While it didn’t have much pop out of a carve but the flat through the bindings allowed the board to let Jimbo and I ollie rather well. It’s got a fun lively feeel to it like the Horrorscope but just doesn’t spring like the Outerspace Living, Outsiders and DOA.  Its a fun board to look for things to pop off of on the way to the park.  Not really a big jump board though and it’s more for hitting some small to medium kickers on the way to the jib park.

So all in all this was one of our favorite jib boards and it made us feel like better riders there.  This and the Scott Stevens Pro are boards we would pick up any day when jibbing is on the brain.

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