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Burton Custom X Flying V 2017 Snowboard Review

Burton Custom X Flying V 2017 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton Custom X Flying V is a hybrid rocker take on the old original camber Custom X. It’s a pretty fun good condition ride but we felt Burton missed the mark with this new model.  If they just made the Camber Custom X into hybrid camber with rocker after the binding it would of been aggressive all mountain magic.  Instead it’s the Ying to the Custom X’s Yang and a lot to pay to compensate for the Custom X Camber’s shortcomings.

Size: 158
Days:  1
Conditions:  Really good CO snow with some powder but also a hard block of snowment underneath.
Riders: James, Peter, Jimbo
Boots: Burton SLXNike Lunarendore
Bindings: Burton Genesis X
Set Up:  Closer to centered but a bit set back.

Approximate Weight: Feels light.

Flex: Stiff but surprisingly easy to butter for this flex.

On Snow Feel: So the Burton Custom X Flying V has that same semi-stable kind of feel that all the other Burton Flying V / Hybrid Rocker boards have. Its fine in soft snow but can feel a little loose in harder snow and every time we hit a hard patch we felt it get loose. It’s got a good snow board feel.

Edge Hold: Better than some of the hybrid rocker Burton Boards but still it’s not that great and we felt like even the stiffer flex was still in the same general area as the other Flying V boards. You could feel it let go in the hard patches if you tried to commit to an edge.

Turn Initiation: Super snappy and quick and we liked turning this board but not like the Custom X. It’s just not that springy turner that the Custom X is but its not bad.

Skidded Turns: Very easy to skid turns and it’s got a very forgiving ride for how stiff it is.

Carving: Not the Custom X Camber by any means. You don’t buy this to carve but it can carve ok in good snow.

Speed: It didn’t feel like a good board for bombing but it’s ok if the snow is good.

Uneven Terrain: Pretty easy in the messy patches we encountered and it’s good for all day resort riding.

Powder:  Here is where the Custom X Flying V shines and it’s and easy floating board.

Switch:  A little better than the Custom X but still not the board you want to get if you spend a lot of time riding switch.

Jibbing: It’s easy and forgiving to ride but it’s still stiff and the kind of board that would bonk you hitting harder jibs.

Pipe: Would rather be in the pipe with the Custom X but this flying v version is forgiving though.

Jumps: Nice and poppy and very easy to get some air from.

So it was hard to find a lot for me to say about the Burton Custom X Flying V. It’s a fun board but it’s just limited to good snow and not much like the original Custom X.  Burton’s getting so much right with their freeride to powder boards like the Flight Attendant, Branch Manager and other boards like that I think Peter an I expected some sort of hybrid camber take with a longer nose on the Custom X instead.

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