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Bataleon Undisputed Review And Buying Advice

Bataleon Undisputed 2013 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

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The Bataleon Undisputed is their high end Freeride board that is a step above the Bataleon Enemy when it comes to stiffness. The base is flat edge to edge between the bindings, then it curves up a lot in the nose and a little in the tail so you don’t catch and edge as easy. This is a pretty solid freeride board for those that like stiff camber but want a little more of a forgiving ride.

Size: 163
Conditions: Nice semi-soft packed powder with some small hard spots here and there
Riders: James
Boots: Burton Ion
Bindings: Flux SF45
Setup- Set back, 23 inches wide 18 front 0 back

The TBT Freeride design is flat between the feet but then curls up more on the sides as you reach the tip and tail. This is mainly seen in the freestyle/jib park world so it’s unique to see these smiles at the tip/tail on a freeride board.  This is better for Mid Wide advanced to expert freeride riders into trying something unique in the freeride world. It’s closest to a traditional camber board in feel but less catchy.

For 2012 and the 2013 models  Bataleon made a smart move with the Bataleon Undisputed and I think they changed the shape of the nose to make the float in powder a lot more easy.  Also the waist width got a little wider in the larger sizes and the 159 was dropped so now it’s mainly best for Mid/Wide foot riders.  I still had no problem handling this board with my size 9’s but it wasn’t as much fun as a board with a 25 cm waist would of been.

On Snow Feel: The Bataleon Undisputed is a great directional groomer board for those who like long wide open runs that invite speed and carving.  There is a different feel when it comes to flat basing and one footing but it’s still pretty much like a camber board.  It just feels like a narrow camber board at first because of that TBT.  It’s more noticeable when conditions are hard and I only experienced that once or twice getting off an icy chair.  Still this is a fun groomer board.

Powder: The TBT is 1 part camber and 1 part rocker but in the same place.  It’s a smile when looking at the nose or tail head on and there is still some camber going on in the middle. If you look at it from the side it looks like a hybrid camber ride.  Still there is camber throughout the board.  The rocker in this board is more than the camber but it still has to fight the camber a little.  When it’s set all the way back on the extra deep set back insert it feels like it could be as good as many mostly camber hybrid camber boards I rode. You know a board that is mostly camber but there is some rocker at the nose for powder days. If you are a camber rider you will like this a lot and think it excellent.  However if you are use to hybrid camber with more rocker or hybrid rocker or flat to rocker you will feel like this is much more work. You might think of it as good to great instead. For example I’d rather be on the Never Summer Raptor or Yes Pick Your Line in Powder but this is similar to boards like Salomon Burner so if you want a more old school ride this could be a great fit. New or Old school the ride is pretty surfy when all the way back and could be fun for the right rider.

Turn Initiation– I didn’t feel much extra work was needed on the TBT but I was in good conditions. It’s a little different but I’m getting kind of use to TBT so the initial strange feeling like you are on a very slim board isn’t that hard to adjust to. It’s not as hard to adjust to as your first few runs on hybrid rocker or rocker or other boards like that but there is a different feel to it edge to edge.  There is a nice spring out of a turn and this is a fun board to carve on. The minor taper doesn’t really wash out and it feels more like a non tapered directional board.

Speed: The base is pretty fast but the board is pretty damp so when the base is well waxed this thing can bomb with almost no chatter.

Uneven Terrain: It’s got speed and often times the stiff flex can make it a little rough when dealing with uneven bumpy terrain.  It’s fine bombing through some semi-tracked out powder or thick snow though but this board is best on smooth terrain like perfect groomers and powder.

Approximate Weight– Not light and snappy like the Enemy but that is kind of expected.

Edge Hold: The edge hold is good but missing that extra grip that many boards have with their special side cuts. I was mainly in good conditions but if this edge is like The Enemy then it’s going to hold good but not great.

Flex: This flex feels rather stiff and similar to the rating on the site.  It’s not as deceptive as the Enemy.  The flex is what it is. The only thing is it’s more forgiving because of the TBT.

Switch: The Bataleon Undisputed not an easy board to ride switch but most won’t do anything but ride in one direction with this thing.

Jumps: This has decent spring for generating your own air as well as hitting natural features.  Not really made for anything inside the park.

The rest doesn’t matter.

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