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Bataleon Airobic Review And Buying Advice

Bataleon Airobic 2013 - 2010 Review by The Good Ride

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The Bataleon Airorbic has been designed to be almost as catch free as a hybrid board but has the pop of camber.  At first the Airobic’s design was pretty much the only one like this but over the last few years you started to see variations of this design from other companies.  In this situation imitation is flattery as this is a pretty fun and playful ride.

Size: 154
Day- 1
Conditions: Medium Hard to soft but firm snow.
Riders: James
Boots: Burton Imperial
Bindings: Burton Restricted Malavita
Set Up- Around 22.5″- 23″ Wide, Centered, 15 front -15 back

So lets talk about tripple base tech.  There are many variations so what people say about one TBT board might not be the same with another. The Jib TBT and Park TBT are very similar. This is Park TBT. Their are 2 differences between these two and the other TBT designs is there isn’t as much of the sides turned up near the tip/tail.  That means you have less of a smile looking head on at the nose/tail and more of a stable feel when buttering and pressing. Another way it’s different from the other TBT’s is the TBT extends longer down the effective edge making it even more catch free.  This has advantages for jibbing and disadvantages in other places.

The 2012 and 2013 Bataleon Airobic shortened up the sizes but at the same time added more of an effective edge so you get about the same board for the size. So 2012 and 2013 is the call.

On Snow Feel:  It felt stable just like a camber board with out any catchy feel. If this was a regular old camber board it would feel semi-catchy but it sure didn’t.  It’s pretty much like they describe in their marketing material which often times with many companies is exaggerated or just down right BS. Very stable between the feet.

Powder: No powder here but based on some of my other experiences with TBT boards in powder It’s probably not going to be very good. The turned up sides help a bit but there is still more camber in this Park TBT than turned up sides so it’s almost just like a camber board here.  The All Mountain, Freeride and Powder TBT do a much better job keeping the board afloat where this is more like a slightly enhanced camber feel. I’d choose this over a camber board but if there was almost any other hybrid shape I’d pick that instead.

Turn Initiation– Pretty easy to turn and it feels more like a mellow hybrid camber board that has a lot of rocker in it.  It’s fun on quick edge to edge turns as well as wider radius turns.  Despite it’s soft flex and unique hybrid camber profile the Airobic was easy to carve but not as much fun as you would think.  The turned up sides seem to counteract the natural spring of camber and there isn’t much resistance into or spring out of a turn. It doesn’t seem to like you comitting to a hard carving turn and starts to wash.

Speed: The base isn’t terribly fast but it’s durable and fine for where most people will want to take this on the mountain or the park.  It picks up speed ok and keeps it’s speed well enough but it’s nothing to write home about.  Not bad for an extruded base though.  They often get a bad rap but if you aren’t in to consistent maintenance then you will like extruded.

Uneven Terrain: It’s softer flex and easy feel is great slowing down and negotiating all kinds of bumpy shitty end of the day snow.

Approximate Weight– I don’t scale things up because carrying a scale around will make me look like a drug dealer. Ok seriously it’s too much to have a scale with me and this is not that important. It felt middle ground.

Edge Hold: It felt pretty good but not super stable. I hit a few hard patches and  I wouldn’t want to take this out on really hard to snowment kind of snow.  This feels like it lives in the good to fair conditions riding world.  It’s not what I’d want for an all conditions board but if you can choose when you want to ride you should be ok.

Flex: This is a pretty flexy board.  It was pretty easy to butter and press.  I’ve felt better but this in’t bad.  It’s forgiving and friendly and does what it’s supposed to….bend with little effort.

Switch: It’s a true twin so it’s super easy here.

Rails/Jibs–  Feels like a good jib board and from what few little features I hit in the jib park I liked it.  I could see my friends who are better riders doing very well here on anything from small to technical rails with this board.  The thinner edges aren’t ideal here so it makes me wonder about the durability/longevity of the jibs.

Pipe: Nice drive from wall to wall and it’s rather forgiving but something just didn’t make me feel like this was a dedicated pipe board.  I would of liked more edge hold. Seems like it’s a fun spring/soft snow pipe board instead of a dedicated pipe board.

Jumps: I liked the pop on this board and felt it was pretty easy to spring off natural features or just generate your own air. It’s not the poppiest thing I have ever come across but it’s more than many I have tried as well. It also has that traditional camber feel when you ollie. Hitting the jump park is a little different because the turned up sides of the tip and tail make taking off kickers a little different than some might be use to. It’s not as bad as all mountain TBT but it’s still different than camber.  If you like to hit a kicker slightly on your rail then this could feel a little weird the first few times and especially if the conditions are harder  If you are ok going off with a kind of flat base feel hitting a kicker and love to spin then you might prefer this over regular camber because it’s much less catchy.

All in all this is a board that Bataleon fans like a lot and I think an unbiased rider would like too. If you like to jump/butter/jib in good conditions you could do a lot worse.

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