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The Burton AK 2L Cyclic Jacket is a very solid technical shell that I’ve used almost every year.  It’s not cheap but if you are into layering this is a great weather barrier to go over any of your under layers.  This is one of our favorite light and thin shells. Like all AK jackets it has a lifetime warranty.

The Burton AK 2L Cyclic Jacket Series has been around for a while and they have done a good job on making a very good minimalist technical shell.   There are many varieties of AK 2L jackets.  There is the Turbine, The Stagger, The Cyclic and the Anorak.  As far as Gortex jackets go this is reasonably priced along with a life time warranty.  It is light, well made for a snowboarder and will last a long time. This is a shell with a light mesh lining and is made to be the outer layer.  One thing we like about the Cyclic jacket is the hood is contoured instead of articulating.  The Cyclic Jackets hood completely covers every part of your face except for the goggles where some jackets withe the 2 piece hood can leave little places on your cheek exposed.  There aren’t many snowboarding companies that put out the effort to make technical outerwear that can compete with the high end ski companies and we commend Burton for doing so.


2013 vs. 2012 AK Cyclic Jacket Review
So there are a few differences between the 2012 and 2013. The mesh is removed in the pit zips which is awesome because the mesh restricts the venting and it also catches on the zipper.  The 2013 is also just a tad bit more snug than the 2012.  There is also a taffeta lining instead of a mesh lining and it’s less catchy on your helmet or other things.

2012 AK Cyclic Jacket Review

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Burton AK 2L Cyclic Jacket Review And Buying Advice SKU UPC Model

Go goretex bro

May 09, 2014 by matt
Ability Level: Advanced • 
Riding Style: All mountain • 
Days You Ride A Year: 100 • 
Strengths: . • 
Weaknesses: . • 
(for Boards, Boots & Bindings) Height, Weight And Boot Size: 6ft, 165lbs, 9.5us 

Great simple goretex shell. Fits really well and does a great job of keeping your dry. I don't tend to use a lot of pockets so the minimalist style was great for me. A couple of things bugged me though:
1. i like having wrist gaiters to lock my thumbs into and stop the snow getting up the sleeves. this jacked has nothing like that.
2. The pit vents are completely open when you unzip them. This probably is great for hiking missions where you totally vent then zip up for the descent, but at resorts where i needed them undone on warmer powder days it was not so awesome!

Adam A

May 02, 2014 by Adam
Ability Level: Advanced/Expert • 
Riding Style: FUN • 
Days You Ride A Year: 15-20 • 
Strengths: Speed & Backcountry • 
Weaknesses: Jibs 

Love this jacket. Its my first really high quality technical shell. Gore-tex is the business. First day I wore it this season was in Tahoe with a couple of buddies...it was practically raining. By the time we went in for lunch they looked like the had jumped in the lake and I was bone dry. The hood is nice and big. It fits over my helmet and I can still zip the neck up over my face.

I only have 2 complaints. 1. It doesn't have wrist gators. Personal preference. 2. All the pockets seem to be on one side. There are left and right hand pockets but those are useless for storage. The inner and outer breast pockets are stacked on top each other. Its pretty akward. If you go to fill those pockets with gloves, phone, snacks, pipe, googles etc...you get a big lump on one side...makes you look like you have stuffed a loaf of bread down your shirt. Also feel unbalanced when your riding.

These are little things. really the jacket does 99 percent of its job flawlessly.

4.0 4.0 2 2 Great simple goretex shell. Fits really well and does a great job of keeping your dry. I don't tend to use a lot of pockets so the minimalist style was great for me. A couple of Burton AK 2L Cyclic Jacket Review And Buying Advice

Price US



Shell with Lining

Waterproof Rating

Above 20K

Breathability Rating

Above 20K

Waterproofing Type




Gore-Tex Insert


Manufactured in


Layer Count

2 Layer


True to Size

Jacket to Pant Interface


Powder Skirt


Hood Style


Detachable Hood


Water Proofing












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