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K2 Passage 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The K2 Passage is a well made mid flexing boot that could work for a wide variety of riders. It’s got a lot of K2’s higher end tech at a reasonable price.

Flex:  Very middle ground flex that’s supportive but also allows a little freedom.

Comfort:  Very comfortable.  K2 does a good job fitting peoples feet and reducing or eliminating pressure points.

Heel Hold:  The BOA speed lace combo does a good job locking in that heel.  It’s a little step below K2’s double BOA but it’s still way up there in the locked in excellent category.

Adjustability:  No real adjustability here. Both the inner and outer lacing systems do the same thing. If you like upper and lower adjustability look somewhere elses.

Flex Retention:  K2’s “Endo” technology holds the flex for a long time so this is a great boot if you want to get 100 days a year.

Response: Nice balance between being forgiving and somewhat responsive.

Traction:  Not bad here but noting special.

Shock Absorption:  K2’s Harshmellow is pretty shock absorbent and protects your ankles, knees and hips rather well. It’s not super cushy but it’s not like a skate shoe either.

On & Off Ease: Incredibly easy off and very easy on as well.  K2 is the best with this because all you have are 2 systems to quickly undo to get out of your boots.

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