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Ride KX 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The Ride KX Binding is a new binding for 2015 this year and offers up one of the higher end high backs combined with the entry level base plate.

Days: 1
Boots: Burton Hail
Boards: Never Summer Cobra

Flex: Nice smooth med/soft flex

Adjustability: Average adjustability that allows you to fit the binding ok around the boot.

Comfort: The ankle strap was fine and didn’t bother me but the toe strap collapses the sides of my boots where most toe straps don’t. I would say it’s not super uncomfortable but awkwardly uncomfortable.

Turn Initiation: It’s got a smooth easy ride that works for easy to very easy turning boards that also gives you a lot of range of movement. 

Buttering: Yeah it’s ok to butter.  I didn’t notice it being any worse than many bindings out there.

Boot Support: Nothing super supportive.  Just enough support to handle a harder turn while still being tweaky.

Ratchet System: I’m still a little paranoid with Rides entry level bindings because the last few years didn’t have the best ratchets on the entry level side.  They didn’t work well and broke easy.  These were better than past years but still not that great compared to Ride’s higher end bindings.

Shock Absorption: It’s got a canted foot bed and a lot of shock absorption in the heel which makes it easier on your joints.

This is one of those bindings that isn’t bad for the price and a decent entry level freestyle choice. It’s got a nice sleek look to it and I like the uniform base plate. It makes for less places to break. You can’t expect much at this price range but it should work fine.

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