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Smith Outdoor Tech Wireless Audio Chips 2016 Review by The Good Ride

The Smith Outdoor Tech Wireless Audio Chips replaced the Skull Candy Bluetooth from last year. There are more advantages than disadvantages and overall it’s a good upgrade to the old Blue Tooth headset.


My major gripe is the fact you have to use the small unreliable ear pad zippers to access the charging port.

Also that the charging port is 3.5mm jack to USB and it would of been much better to have the same USB ports that most of our cell phones have.

You also have to read the manual to remember all the command taps but it’s not too bad.


It’s better sealed from the elements and much more water resistant than the older model.

It’s much more on the down low than the past Blue Tooth devices which use to stick out.

It also auto connects you when you turn on and say’s “connected” instead of a beep.  It also says “power off” when it shuts off.

It’s got decent volume too and it can get pretty loud.


All in all the positives outweigh the negatives and I like these newer lower profile blue tooth headsets.

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