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Remind Medic 2017 - 2013 Review by The Good Ride

The Remind Medic comes from a company that makes great insoles specifically for snowboarders and skaters.  The Medic has great shock absorption along the foot but it doesn’t offer the arch support that the other insoles in their line have.  This is for those who don’t need as much arch support.

This offers the lowest profile fit into your boot out of all the Remind insoles.  This gives you a really good fit and feel and is an excellent replacement if you don’t need too much arch support. I’ve worn this for a season with my boots and they do a solid job reducing shock.  Actually they feel like an extension of most snowboard boots shock absorption material underfoot.  That blue magic eva foam really does work and makes harder landings easier. If you want to keep your knees, and hips riding hard a little longer this might help do so.

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