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Pro-Tec IPS Hip Pad 2013 - 2012 Review by The Good Ride

The Pro-Tec IPS Hip Pad use to have a nice spread of protection throughout your entire ass which is better than most out there. Your thigh to ass use to be covered with this short and it’s good bit of protection at a reasonable price. They fit very well and are almost un-noticeable when you have on pants.  The one major issue is the Protec IPS Hip Protector sucks taking a piss when you have them on.  We like a more friendly access area like a zipper or Velcro strap.  Just because you want to protect yourself is doesn’t mean you don’t want to piss. The newer model doesn’t have the spread of protection like it use to and it’s more like the Lo Pro model that is more for skiers and skaters. When most snowboarders fall they don’t hit the thigh much but instead hit all parts of their ass. We’d like to see something made specifically for snowboarders.

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