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POW Royal GTX Glove 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The POW Royal GTX Glove is another well made glove by POW that offers a similar feel to the Stealth Glove line that many people like but just has a little less tech in it.  It doesn’t have primaloft but it does have thinsulate. It’s also doing the Gore-Tex thing so it’s got a bomb proof mostly leather kind of fit that works well for most riders.

Fit: The Medium fit’s my 3.5-3.75 Inch wide by 7 inch from middle finger to the beginning of my wrist hand pretty snug and it feels good.  It’s not going to stretch out as much as the all Goat Leather Stealth series gloves but it will conform more to your hand over time.

Warmth: Doesn’t feel as thick and warm as the Stealths but it still is going to be the kind of glove that will handle most conditions you want to ride. For me and my hands this would be fine in 20-40 degrees Farenheit but I run a little more on the warm side.  Anything below a high of 20 I’d probably need a liner.  When I mention these temps I mean a high of 20 so a lot of the day will be a bit colder.

All in all this is a good glove that offers excellent waterprofing as well as has a good fit and pretty decent warmth.

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