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Dakine Tour Bag 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The Dakine Tour Bag is a great road trip bag because it doesn’t have the extra bulk that wheelie gig bags do.  It’s the kind of bag that you can throw a board with bindings on, put your boots in the side compartments and still have some room between the bindings for outerwear or a helmet ect.

You can even put in 1 or 2 extra boards without bindings below the board with bindings.  For me lugging this board bag around in an airport just doesn’t make sense when you have bags with wheels out there but it’s perfect for short walks from your car to the place you are crashing.  It has good protection without bulk.  This is the bag I use when I have a packed up car and don’t want the boards getting scuffed or even worse on the long drive ahead. My only complaint is the sizing jumps from 157 to 165.  I’d love it if there was a bag in the 161 ish range and they would go up in 4cm increments instead of 10+cm increments.  I own the 157 and use it for some all mountain boards and most of my freestyle to jib boards.  The 165 is more for my freeride and powder boards so I’d like something just a little bigger for all mountain to all mountain freestyle riding.

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