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Crash Pads Upper 2013 - 2012 Review by The Good Ride

The Crash Pads 6000 and 6100 Impact shirt  is a  low profile impact shirt that comes in 2 styles.  The Crash Pads 6000 offers tail bone protection and the 6100 doesn’t.  They have padding for almost every critical section of your back and arms. However they really don’t offer much support to the collar bone, none to the chest and none to the ribs or spleen.  They have a little strip that covers the inner collar bone and that is why you never see a picture of the front.  Another thing is the Pads in the picture are not what you’ll receive when you buy them.  They are black and it almost looks like a long sleeve shirt which keeps you pretty much incognito.  We like that because it sucks to have people know you wear pads.  Our biggest complaint is the pads don’t seem to be as thick or as safe as some of the other equipment out there we have come upon.  It will provide a little relief from a fall but if you are going down hard it won’t help much.

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