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Anon M2 2017 - 2014 Review by The Good Ride

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The Anon M2 Goggle is unique to the quick release goggle world because it just uses magnets. This use to freak us out a bit but now that we have had more time with this goggle we have become more comfortable with this system.  It’s a very easy goggle to change lenses with but the real kicker is the face mask that integrates perfectly with the goggle thanks to some additional magnets on the nose. 

Past Reviews

It’s incredibly quick on and off but we worry about the goggles ability to handle a stack or small shot from the wrong angle.  A big thanks to Jimbo for withstanding peters test shots.  About the rest of the goggle.  It breathes well, fit’s well and has good tinting colors. We’d just like to see 2 small quick release latches on the site to make this a solid highly recommendable binding. With just the magnets it’s one of those goggles we can’t recommend.   

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