About The Good Ride Snowboard Boot Reviews

Remember this isn’t an exact science but just a general guideline so you can get an idea of what might work best for you.

How It Rides
Flex Stiff Adjustability Excellent Traction Excellent
Medium/Stiff Great Great
Medium Good Good
Medium/Soft Average Average
Soft Poor Poor
Comfort Excellent Flex Retention Excellent Shock Absorption Excellent
Great Great Great
Good Good Good
Average Average Average
Poor Poor Poor
Heel Hold Excellent Response Excellent Footprint Very Reduced
Great Great Reduced
Good Good Some Reduction
Average Average Not Reduced
Poor Poor Large

Flex- How stiff is this boot? You can get excellent response from boots that aren’t stiff but some prefer the support that stiffer boots provide.

Comfort- Does it have pressure points or take a long time to break in?

Heel Hold- Does this boot hold your heel in place and keep it from lifting up. Some people become obsessed with this and others don’t care.

Adjustability- How well can you customize the boot to the parts of your feet and the part of the leg in it?  Some love a completely separate lower and upper to dial out each part while others prefer a uniform tightening system from shin to toe.

Flex Retention- How long does the boots flex last.

Response- How well does this boot help you to initiate turns and transition from edge to edge?

Traction- Can this boot keep it’s traction in any condition from ice to soft snow.

Shock Absorption- Does it handle hard landings or chatter? Will it help keep your knees and hips intact? Are you looking for more protection or a skate like feel with little shock absorption?

Footprint- How long is the boot and how well does it integrate with bindings and boards.  Fore example:

“Very Reduced” is usually 1 size or more reduced on the outside while the inside is still the same.

“Reduced” is 1/2 size to 3/4 size Reduced on the outside.

“Some Reduction” is usually around 1/4 size.

“Not Reduced” is a normal size boot

“Large” is a boot that is more old school and runs a bit bulkier than most boots out there.