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Ride Helix Review And Buying Advice

Ride Helix 2016 - 2015 Review by The Good Ride

The Ride Helix seems to be the replacement for the old classic camber DH snowboard.  It feels like it’s one part Buck Up and one part new Asym.  It’s a pretty ultra damp aggressive ride.

Size: 155
Days:  2

Riders: James, Peter, Jimbo,
Boots: Burton SLX, Salomon F3.0, Burton Fiend LTD, Burton Imperial
Bindings: Burton Cartel,
Conditions:  Firm bordering on hard snow in the morning to softer snow mid day. Second day was soft good Sierra Snow
Set Up:  Centered 15 front -15 back  about 23″ wide

There is a growing number of Asymmetrical boards out there these days and I say the more the merrier.  Asym boards like this help the rider turn easier on their heel side and we found they help you ride switch better as well.  What I mean by better switch most of us aren’t as strong riding switch as we are regular so the asymmetrical side cuts make it easier for us to turn when we don’t have as much game going on with the wrong foot forward.  So keep these types of boards coming Ride.

Approximate Weight:  Feels normal

On Snow Feel:  The Ride Helix felt stable bordering on semi catchy.  It’s got that aggressive feel like the Buck Up had but felt less aggressive than the old DH.  It’s like having forgiving camber. It’s easy to one foot off the chair and to flat base down a long cat track. It’s got that I like to turn the mountain into a high speed park kind of ride.  It wants to go fast like all higher end Ride Twin’s I have tried.  It’s got that same Ultra Damp feel that some might call dull to it like the Machete and Buck Up but I liked it more than the Buck Up and about the same as the Machete GT.  It didn’t feel like a take me right to the park kind of board. Some say that there are tracking issues

Turn Initiation:  Nice quick turn initiation that isn’t easy but if you know how to turn it’s fun and quick. I found myself turning a lot of tight quick turns before going wider and I enjoyed all widths of turns with this board.

Flex: Feels medium bordering on Medium Stiff. Not quite a board that was super easy to butter and play around.  I could butter but it was a little more work than many twins I’ve tried.

Edge Hold:   Felt pretty good but not bottomless.  In the firm morning conditions the Helix held fine enough so I’d say it’s a borderline hard snow kind of board.  It’s better in medium conditions but you can go out in hard snow and keep an edge.

Powder:   No powder but this didn’t seem like something I’d want to be out on.  I’ve ridden this type of camber profile on a few different boards from Ride and it seems like it’s a step above camber in terms of float but it’s not quite something that competes with other hybrid shapes that have more rocker going on.

Carving:  For a twin with not too much camber going on it’s got a good spring out of a carve.  The old camber DH is better but it’s right on par with the other hybrid camber boards with ride.  It was easier of course to carve switch.

Speed:   Very fast for a twin and to me it felt more at home at higher speeds on the mountain than in the park.  Well except for those that go really big in the park. It’s not a freeride bomber but it’s very damp and fast for a twin.  It also keeps it’s speed well when on longer flat cat tracks.

Uneven Terrain:  Ride makes boards that don’t pass much feeling through so this board could handle small fields bumpy/uneven snow much better than most in it’s class. It’s also pretty quick in and out of rutted up snow that you have to approach at slower speeds.

Switch:  I mentioned this before but the heel side friendly side cut makes it easier for someone to ride switch than even a true twin.  For some reason with almost any asymmetrical board I just get into the switch rhythm faster and I feel more confident.  It just seems to be easier with the weaker foot forward.  So if you ride switch a lot then this or other good asymmetrical boards will help.

Jumps:  Most Ride boards feel rubbery and a little dull so it can be a little deceptive when it comes to an ollie.  It feels different but it pops just fine and I’d say above average. It’s also great approaching a kicker.

Jibbing:  I’m not a strong jibber and the stiffer flex didn’t make me want to go there.

Pipe:   I rode the Ride Helix on a mountain (Heavenly) without a pipe but I really wanted to take it in one.  I could just tell this would be fun.  It’s got pretty good edge hold bordering on being competent on hard snow and it’s got a nice carvy camber drive edge to edge so it would be good going from wall to wall. I think a lot of more experienced pipe riders would like this.

All in all the Ride Helix is a fun aggressive all mountain twin that I think a lot of riders could have fun on.  Especially if you are a fan of Rides riding personality you will be pretty stoked on the Helix.

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Ride Helix Review And Buying Advice SKU UPC Model

Mar 03, 2017 by Mark Halvorsen
Ability Level: Mark • 
Riding Style: Park and All mt • 
Days You Ride A Year: 100 • 
Height, Weight And Boot Size (for Boards, Boots & Bindings): 5'7 155 crab grab lashed 17 malavitas and 15 contact pros 

Love my ride helix.Traded a prototype two for it can couldnt be happier. Wanted a board w camber and and mid flex. Once this board breaks in a little itll be easier to butter/ I love it for park, jumps,switch, rails and carving. Just love this board and how it rides. Love how solid it feels spinning and landing big jumps.When snow is icy I'll use Ripsaw and dont really know if this will be awesome. I use the slinger when its soft and just park days but will be riding the helix most other days. To me its very similiar to the capita spring break. Love this board and glad I traded for it.

This Board Corrects My Flaws

Feb 09, 2015 by Chris Allen
Ability Level: Intermediate • 
Riding Style: All Mountain • 
Days You Ride A Year: 5-10 

Just finished demo'ing this board in 159 and 157 lengths along with a 157 Machete GT. Had a full camber Lib Tech Total Ripper from about 8 years back. This board truly helped correct my flaws. I am an intermediate rider, and this thing just carves so easily. Riding switch was better than I ever have before. The Machete GT gave me the same issues as my old Lib Tech, and I couldn't feel confident on the Machete GT. However on the Helix everything just seemed easy. When I messed up, the board really helped me reagain control. I can't say how much I love this board as it simply mmade me a better rider. This is a great replacement for my old board. Got the 157 as it was easier to control, but both lengths just madde riding easy.

5.0 5.0 2 2 Love my ride helix.Traded a prototype two for it can couldnt be happier. Wanted a board w camber and and mid flex. Once this board breaks in a little itll be easier to butter/ I lo Ride Helix Review And Buying Advice

Riding Style

Aggressive All Mountain Freestyle

Riding Level

Intermediate - Expert

Available Widths

Regular, Mid/Wide

Manufactured in



Asymmetrical Twin

Camber Profile

Mostly Camber



Approx. Weight

Feels Normal

On Snow Feel

Semi-Locked In

Turn Initiation




Edge Hold

Medium Snow







Uneven Terrain