List Price US $209
Burton Rampant Review And Buying Advice
Riding Level Beginner - Expert
Lacing Type Traditional Lace
Manufactured in China


Turn Initiation



True To Size

Boot Width


Comfort Great
Heel Hold Good
Adjustability Great
Reduced Footprint Great

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Flex Retention Good
Shock Absorption Average
Traction Poor
On & Off Ease Average
Warmth Good

Burton Rampant 2016 - 2012 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton Rampant might not be for everyone but it’s a well made, long lasting and reasonably priced freestyle boot that will work very well with most easy turning boards. If you aren’t turned off by traditional lace then you might really like this boot.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  No one is perfect and we do make money from the “Where To Buy” links below, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

Days: 1
Riders: James
Bindings: Union Contact
Boards: Gnu Space Case

James’ Foot Specs
Foot Size
: Right 9 and Left 8.75
Foot Width: Right and Left between a D/E
Arch Length: Right 9.5 and Left 9
Calves (Widest Point): 17”
Calves (At top of boot): 12”

The 2015 and 2016 Burton Rampant are very similar.

Also for 2016, there is the Burton Rampant LTD that offers up a lot higher end tech like an infinite ride liner that increases response and longevity of flex.  It’s a little more but a much better call over the regular rampant if you ride lot’s of days a year. It will take a little more time to break in but it will last a lot longer as well.

Flex:  Very easy park oriented flex.

Comfort: The Rampant is soft and extremely comfortable and felt more like a sneaker than a snowboard boot which many will like.  It felt like the boot was already broken in and after a day of riding, there were no pressure points or blisters.   It made us more into trying Burton Boots because it’s never fun riding in new boots.

Heel Hold: Pretty decent heel hold.  It doesn’t wrap completely around your ankle like BOA but it doesn’t strangulate it either like BOA can do.

Adjustability:  The Lacing system is easy but it doesn’t lock at the ankle or on any of the top either.  This is about as easy as a traditional lace boot can get but we’d like to see a few lace locks so you don’t have to get tricky with tying your laces

Flex Retention:  It has an articulation similar to the Burton Ambush.  It’s a much softer material set into the ankle to allow the top portion to flex a little easier and helps the original flex to last longer. The 2014 Burton Rampant has a little more of this articulation going on.

Response:  The response isn’t great but that’s what you want for softer boards that don’t need much to initiate turns. Light, Soft and playful and moderately responsive would be the best way to describe this boot.

Traction:  Decent traction but nothing great.

Shock Absorption:  The Gel Cushioning isn’t over the top but like the Burton Ion but it does a good job providing shock absorption while still giving you a good feel with the board.

Footprint: Very small on the outside but the same on the inside so you reduce your chance of heel/toe drag.

On & Off Ease: Quicker than most traditional lace boots since you only have 2 rungs at the top instead of 3+ rungs.  It’s not as fast as Speed Lace or BOA but still not bad at all.  I’ve never found myself having people wait for me to get these on or take them off.

Burton Rampant Past Reviews

Not much has changed from 2012 and 2013 but the 2014 is a little different.  It’s still the same ride but has a little more ankle articulation going on.

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