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The ShredSoles Snowboard Boot Insole is the first addition to the under $50 heat mold-able line that caters specifically to snowboarders. We are not stoked on the ShredSole Insole because it is just for snowboarders but we are stoked on this insert because it has almost everything we wanted from a snowboard boot insole. It really is truly designed to fit in a snowboard boot instead of a running shoe, ski boot or hiking boot. We would like to see the Shred Sole have a little more arch and a little more support. The Shred Sole insoles have some minor issue but we would still say they are a good choice for snowboard insoles under $50.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  No one is perfect and we do make money from the “Where To Buy” links below, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

As most of our reviews, we will continue to add to this over the next year as we use it more.

Shred Sole is one of the first snowboard specific insoles out there.  Because of this, we are pretty damn excited and really want to like them.  Because of this, we went out of our way to look at the Shred Soles with an extra critical eye to make sure we stay objective.    We have tried every major brand out there so we feel we have a good perspective on snowboard specific insoles.  We aren’t podiatrists so don’t think this is the final word. If you have issues with your feet don’t screw around with anything except for custom orthopedics.  You need a doctor and a perfect fit to make your life better.  If you have average feet as we do then this review should be helpful and applicable to your needs.

The Positives
Like the Montrail Enduro-Sole, the ShredSole has removed the plastic at the heel so you can get more shock absorption from the whatever is already in your snowboard boot.  There is no need to have hard plastic between the shock absorption system in your boot and your heel.  We don’t know if we can prove this but it always feels like there is more shock absorption when you have a pass-through instead of plastic.  Like the Sole Soft Tech Foot Bed and Montrail Enduro-Sole the Shred Soles are heat mold-able (Check out the how-to).  After using heat molded insoles it was hard to go back to Superfeet (tried all of them) so we are glad this option is available.  There is an advantage for the Shred Sole over both the Soft Tech and Enduro sole.  The Shred Sole Insert sits lower in the snowboard boot.  Most boots are made for your feet to fit snugly and all have a very low profile insert.  With many of the other insoles, you find that your boot can come down on the roof of your foot more and can create more pressure points than the Shred Soles.  Shred Sole is also designed to help your feet deal with the wide snowboard stance that isn’t quite natural for your body.   This could be a light bulb that pushes Snowboard Boots and Binding manufacturers to experiment more with angles similar to what Shred Sole calls their “Shred Wedge”.   We have only seen one company, Rome, offer a cant angle for two of their bindings.    These are the Rome Targa and 390 Boss.  This is a good idea that seems to work well with the Shred Sole.

There are 2 issues we have with the Shredsole.  
1. Instead of sizes 7,8,9, etc they have 6-7, 8-9, etc.  We’d rather see one insole for one size but this is a minor issue
2. The arch support could be a little more pronounced like the Sole Soft Tech Foot Bed and Montrail Enduro-Sole.   We’d also like to see Shred Sole increase the stiffness of the support material at the bottom of the insert.  It’s a little too flimsy for our taste.

Shred Sole is a good insole but if they dealt with the aforementioned issues it would be very hard to recommend any other insole.

You still can’t beat custom orthopedics at a local shop but not everyone can afford that and some don’t need them. The bottom line is the ShredSole is a significant improvement over snowboard insoles in the sub $50 category and blows doors off the inserts you get with your regular snowboard boots.  For most of us at The Good Ride, the Shred Sole will be the choice for our snowboarding boots this winter.

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