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Yes Hel Yes Review And Buying Advice

Yes Hel Yes 2015 - 2014 Review by The Good Ride

The Yes Hel Yes is the first true women’s specific model in their line. Before the Hel Yes there were smaller narrow mostly men’s boards but this is the first Women’s only board.  It’s an aggressive all mountain to  freeride board that at first seems like the Men’s Pick Your Line but has it’s own personality design touches as well. It’s definitely freeride but it for sure has an aggressive all mountain after taste as well.

Size: 155
Days: 2
Conditions: Hard to good condition rockies snow and softer sierra snow with some harder snow at the top.
Riders: Ginger and Mary
Boots: Salomon Synapse and I forgot what Ginger rides
Bindings:  Now IPO

On Snow Feel: The Yes Hel Yes is a very stable and a tiny bit catchy like a camber board and it’s got an aggressive feel for those that like to carve hard when there is no powder and then surf powder when it dumps. It’s a fast fun frreeride board that the women’s world could use.

Powder: Mary and Gninger had no pow but with the big ass shovel nose combined with some set back and camber the board should float very well.  It should have a slashy quick feel and when centered wouldn’t be too bad switch if you like mixing it up here and there. It’s going to be pretty easy in the trees, able to straight line chutes and make surfy slashes in steep wide open terrain. We are surprised that it only has a -10 mm set back. We were expecting the standard -20 mm set back but it still should work very well in powder.

Turn Initiation and Carving: The Yes Hel Yes has a lot of camber going on between the feet to a little past the bindings and it makes for a fun snappy ride edge to edge.  It’s not going to be easy on you if you skid your turns but if you know how to carve you might love this board.

Speed: This is a bomber board with almost man’s board type of speed. It’s a little more playful and less damp than the Jones Mothership but it’s also more friendly in uneven snow.

Uneven Terrain: The Hel Yes is a stiffer aggressive board but the flex does allow for someone who has to deal or likes to deal with bumps or end of the day crowded groomers with emerging moguls.

Edge Hold: The Disrupted side cut is pretty new and does about the same job as the mellow magnetraction with other Yes boards.  It grips between the feet and holds well in an icy patch but you wouldn’t want it to ride in ice all day.  The plus side is it feels great in thicker snow and does not grab like aggressive Magnetraction.  So great for most conditions you want to ride.

Flex: Very aggressive but snappy flex that likes to pop and carve but it’s no butter board.

Switch:   This directional board isn’t bad switch when it’s centered up and you would think it would be a lot worse but it isn’t.

Jibbing:   Not a jib board and wouldn’t eve try it.

Pipe:  Could be a great pipe board. It’s got a camber drive from wall to wall as well as great edge hold so it’s a fun pipe board.

Jumps:  Super fun launching off a natural feature and it can spin a bit.  It’s not terrible landing switch either.  As far as the park it’s not a top choice but it’s very doable.

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