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Women's All Mountain Snowboard Serenity 100

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Women's All Mountain Snowboard Serenity 100 is designed for beginner snowboarders looking for an easy board to progress on and off the slopes.

A snowboard very tolerant of edge mistakes (supple torsion between the feet). Good on-piste grip and stability, thanks to its standard camber and wooden core.

A photo of the Women's All Mountain Snowboard Serenity 100 in use


70% piste, 30% off-piste, 0% park.

Easy to handle

Soft torsion: very easy turns/limited edge grip on red pistes.


Normal buoyancy on powdery snow (standard camber, inserts set back 10 mm).


Good grip and easy sliding (standard camber and supple torsion).

Anatomic design

55.9" (142 cm): 5'2" to 5'5" 57.5" (146 cm): 5'3" to 5'7"


Soft flex and wooden core: gentle and gradual edge-to-edge transitions.


Rounded shape and soft torsion to minimize edge errors.

Glide performance

Extruded PE base offering a smooth gliding quality.

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 Women's All Mountain Snowboard Serenity 100,snowy white  Women's All Mountain Snowboard Serenity 100,snowy white  Women's All Mountain Snowboard Serenity 100,snowy white  Women's All Mountain Snowboard Serenity 100,snowy white

Product Information



  • 70% Wood
  • 20% Fiberglass
  • 10% Epoxy

Technical information

Extruded bade 20 mm poplar wood core Number of inserts: 8 + 8 (3 possible positions per binding/40 mm between each). Setback: 10 mm Size 142: Front width 276 mm. Center 238 mm. Rear 276 mm Radius 7.5 m. Effective edge 1,050 mm. Recommended stance: 490 mm. Size 146: Front width 277 mm. Center 241 mm. Rear 277 mm Radius 8.0 m. Effective edge 1,050 mm. Recommended stance: 500 mm.

What's the right size serenity 100 for me?

In general, for all-terrain use, choose a 6" to 8" drop (e.g. a girl who is 5'5" (65") tall should choose a board between 57" and 59" in length). A smaller-sized board will be more maneuverable. This is also advisable for people who are light in relation to their height. A bigger board will be more stable at high speed. 55.9" (142 cm) (65 to 130 lbs) => from 5'2" to 5'5" 57.5" (146 cm) (90 - 155 lbs) => from 5'3" to 5'7"

A word from the product manager

An easy and accessible snowboard that really helps you progress. To offer you a snowboard with the best value for money, we have reviewed the transportation of our snowboards. That's why this snowboard comes without bindings. And to avoid compromising on either riding pleasure or board longevity, we've kept its wooden core.


The Serenity 100 is perfect on-piste in all snow conditions. Supple flex and torsion, standard but not very pronounced camber, gentle directional shape: it's designed to make learning to snowboard easier. Features provide buoyancy in powdery snow and allow it to be a bit playful for beginner freestylers. Its wooden core lets you push it on hard snow within reason.

Directional snowboard

The shape of the board is directional, that is to say that the board has a front and a rear. It is not symmetrical; the rear of the board is slightly narrower than the front and the bindings as well as the contact points of the snowboard are set back slightly. A directional shape offers better edge grip when turning, better control of the trajectory and more acceleration on exiting turns.

Standard camber

A standard camber is curved upward between the 2 points of contact between board and snow. Thanks to the elasticity of the board, a standard camber acts like a spring to give you grip on all types of snow, pop when switching edges and acceleration on exiting turns.

Soft and forgiving flex

The flex is the stiffness of the board along its length. The flex of the Serenity 100 Evo about 2/5, which is supple and forgiving. This is a very even type of flex from the front shovel (nose) to the rear shovel (tail), which behaves very reliably and predictably in turns. However, at high speed or on a very frozen snow, this board cannot hold a carved turn. It side-slips and automatically slows down.

Soft and forgiving torsion

The torsional stiffness, i.e. stiffness of the board on twisting, is about 2/5. This makes the board easy to handle, turn and forgiving of edge mistakes. A soft torsional stiffness gives freedom between the feet. By exaggerating, it can be said that the front foot can be tilted heel-to-toe, and the rear toe-to-heel. It is forgiving of edge mistakes , which is important for a beginner. The soft torsional stiffness is also suitable for freestyle-jib use.

10 mm setback

The setback is when the contact points of the board on the snow are not symmetrical in relation to the center of the board but shifted toward the rear. The bindings are also set back toward the rear by the same distance. 10 mm setback: standard setback of directional boards. It provides better stability in turns and floatation in powder snow because the weight is at the rear of the board , which naturally makes the front come up.