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Best seller since the beginning of Stone, the Topo Split has received awards every year because it was so loved by the testers.

To celebrate this, we decided to release it in 3 sizes this winter. 150,155 & 160

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Previously we only had it in 155, sometimes a little big for girls, so 150 will be ideal for you, it will also be ideal for small sizes in men.

Yes it’s a unisex splitboard.

As for the size 155, you don’t change a winning team. Still as good as ever.

As for the 160, finally a beautiful beast for the bigger guys who want something different than a 100% classic shape.

Beware, however, it remains quite versatile. In its totality, on the 3 sizes, this topo is a fanatic.

It likes to go everywhere, its nose rocker will allow you to float in the powder like a jet ski in the water, the reactivity of its classic camber will allow you to launch back into the curvesduring your descents.

You will be able to carve & press. Its raised tail will allow you to switch without batting an eyelid. We don’t skimp on the quality of this splitboard.

An aluminium plate in tail to allow you to put it on the ground.

In construction, we have worked on a core of paulownia & poplar to save weight without losing efficiency.

The lightness of this splitboard is remarkable.

A sintered sole in 7200 for a fluid glide.

In short full of ingredients to make it again this winter a board that will mark the spirits.

Equipped with our own clips & hooks, you will have a 100% Stone splitboard.

Our skins are 100% adaptable, we’re getting close to perfection. Available as a complete pack in our pack section.

Available in classic shape

Freeride:  10/10

Freestyle: 04/10

Rails:       01/10

Race:       05/10

TOPO 155
WEIGHT RANGE 59 – 88 kg

Ico-Freeride.gif Ico-Directional-Shape.gif   STONE_SNOWBOARDS_IS_MADEINEUROPE.gif