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Pure Freestyle twin tip board , available in 5 sizes: 145, 148 & 151 &157 classic camber.

Many Stoners have asked us for a soft board park that goes everywhere.

So we responded with this board in collaboration with MISSA. “Margot Rozies” Freestyle killa & 2 times Vice wold Freeride Champion.

The totem is a heavy unisex board. It’s a board that can take a lot without causing you too much trouble.  Pray for snow Dudes !

The Classic Camber is the most famous. A purist will always ride this camber, it is what embodies the value of a board. The classic Cambre distributes the weight as evenly as possible over the total length of the snowboard for better control.

In freestyle it is not at all obliged to have a banana or a W-shaped camber… A good classic a little flexible will do 100 times the job. In addition to freestyle you can follow anyone & anywhere.

This board will be very well suited for beginners & advanced riders who want to do freestyle first and foremost.

Camber Detail: Classic Camber

Base Details: Die cut Sintered 7500 base, factory waxed

Size: 146, 148, 151, 154, 157 

Terrain: Freestyle 

Construction: biax fiber, poplar light woodcore, Mat varnishing, Stone Diamond Finish. 

ABS protects the edges of your snowboard throughout the board.

Shape: True twin

Freestyle : 10/10

Freeride  : 07/10

Rails       : 10/10

Race       : 07/10

TOTEM 145 148 151 154 157
WEIGHT RANGE 110- 140 lbs 120- 155 lbs 125 – 165 lbs 130 – 170 lbs 135- 175 lbs

Ico-Freestyle.gif Ico-Park.gif Ico-Twin-Tip-Shape.gif Ico-Flex-6.gif poids-28.gif STONE_SNOWBOARDS_IS_MADEINEUROPE.gif