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K2 Eco Pop 2012



Taking home every industry award it was entered into in 2010 the 2011-2012 Eco Pop Snowboard continues to build momentum. Loaded with Harshmellow™ tech and lighter than you can believe, its easy turn ability and fast and free feel are all a girl needs to max out the mountain fun.

All Terrain Rocker

All Terrain Rocker Snowboards Technology

All Conditions Versatility

Designed for use throughout the mountain, All Terrain Rocker allows for effortless turns on hardpack but also provides ample float in softer snow and crud. A setback stance and medium rise through the tip and a lower rise in the tail defines this multi-purpose freerider.

A Better Look at the K2 Eco-Pop by K2


All Terrain Rocker Snowboards Technology

Harshmellow – Boards

Harshmellow - Boards Snowboards Technology

Vibration force field

K2’s proprietary vibration dampening system is built into all three of our hardgoods categories. HARSHMELLOW™ is a magical compound that maximizes FUN by decreasing negative vibes, leg burn and rough landings. Positioned in the insert area in our top end boards to stop vibrations before they enter your bindings.

Harshmellow - Boards Snowboards Technology

Carbon Web

Carbon Web Snowboards Technology

Connect to the web

Always improving the feel and energy return of our boards, the R+D group releases the CARBON WEB rider input/output system. Offered in two levels of sensitivity. Resulting in a more connected feedback loop from terrain to rider.

Carbon Web Snowboards Technology

Hybrilight Construction

Hybrilight Construction Snowboards Technology

Less waste, more shred!

K2’s exclusive Hybrilight construction features a thin, constant thickness sidewall designed for maximum performance and minimal material usage. The result is a lighter, more advanced snowboard with significantly less waste produced in manufacturing. Better on hill and greener for the hill.

Hybrilight Construction Snowboards Technology

Rhythm Core

Rhythm Core Snowboards Technology

Women’s Shred Blend

K2’s Rhythm Core is uniquely shaped and designed to contour to women’s riding style and finesse.

Rhythm Core Snowboards Technology

WH4 Core

WH4 Core Snowboards Technology

Super-light honeykomb Core Technology

The WH4 Core pulls every trick from our bag of core tech. With a greater percentage of HONEYKOMB than the WH3 Core, it’s engineered to maintaindurability at minimal weight.

Triaxial Glass

Triaxial Glass Snowboards Technology

A glass laminate with diagonal layers that stiffens the board torsionally. Giving you improved edge hold and increased stability for those off-axis landings

Hyper Progressive

Hyper Progressive Snowboards Technology

An infinite number of different radius are blended together flawlessly from mellow in the tips, to more aggressive in the center. The result is a super predictable feel that never hooks. Responsive at high speeds and smooth enough to butter your way from the peak to park.

4000 Sintered

4000 Sintered Snowboards Technology

• Fastest natural base material available• Exceptionally Durable• Absorbs deeper & retains wax longer


K2 Eco Pop 2011

K2 Snowboarding Eco Pop Snowboard
All Mountain Dreams
The 2010-11 K2 Eco Pop snowboard wow-ed testers last season, taking home awards for top Women’s board in Snowboarder Magazine’s Best of Test and Transworld’s Good Wood as the first ever women’s specific Eco Conscious snowboard. Prepare to be wow-ed even further…. because, after two years of begging from the K2 Alliance Team we have finally introduced ALL TERRAIN ROCKER into a top-shelf women’s board. But don’t worry, we kept the HARSHMELLOW dampening and HYBRILIGHT construction to solidify the Eco Pop’s status as 2010’s top all-mountain queen.
Vibration Force Field
Lighter, Greener, Better
All Conditions Versatility
All Terrain Rocker™
Setback Twin, Hyper Progressive
Rhythm WH4™ Core
Triax/Biax/ICG 10
Carbon Matrix I

K2 Eco Pop 2010

Completely inspired by K2’s Gretchen Bleiler the EcoPoP is the quintessential Women’s specific earth friendly all terrain snowboard.
Designed with performance and Mother Earth in mind, the all NEW! EcoPOP unleashes lightweight precision and accuracy with the least amount of materials possible. A setback twin hyper progressive shape with carbon matrix I torsion forks and a 4000 sintered base give this board everything you need to push your riding to the next level while the textile topsheet and hybrilight construction reduces waste and provides an ultra lightweight ride. The addition of Flatline provides smooth, equal pressure everywhere, creating the perfect balance of stability and versatility. Integrate Harshmellow to reduce the chatter and dampen your landings for the ultimate earth friendly ride.

Setback Twin – Hyper Progressive

Triax Top – ICG 20 Base

One Degree



Snowboard Harshmellow

Rhythm WH4

Matrix I