DC Company Info

2013 DC Biddy

Product Information

  • Anti Camber
  • Camber Core
  • Astro Core
  • Radius2Flat
  • True Base
  • 64.20 Bi-Ax
  • Structurn Base
  • Imported

DC Biddy 2012

The award winning Biddy is our most versatile board for women. The anti camber profile with radius to flat allows this
board to go anywhere on the mountain, while the biax Fiberglass and the Camber Core give it a smooth and responsive feeling.

DC Biddy 2011

The BIDDY is specifically tailored to the needs of female riders. This all mountain freestyle board with Radius to Flat and
Reverse Camber can handle any riding style

Colors Available: WHITE/ PRINT
Sizes Available:
 5 out of 10 (1 being softest, 10 being stiffest)