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4’10 GoldFish

Regular price $820.00
Specs: 4’10 – 13 1/3″ x 11 1/4 x 12″ R28′


Gone Fishing.


Shaped translated from the 5’8 Incut Fish by TrimCraft Surfboards utilizing traditional fish dynamics with a flair for the carve.


In accordance with the biodynamics of its aquatic namesake, the Goldfish, this fishtail board is short and wide, the nose lifts and the tail dips for maximum buoyance and front foot drive in bottomless powder, gliding from edge to egde across the rolled hull base, it makes for quick turns to bob and weave weave between the trees and slash tight pockets.


This board is also an excellent carver with taper and radial sidecut along with flax fiber reinforced torsional flex in the tail emulating the twin fin experience.