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*Each facemask comes with a black Sugru attachment kit which includes 2 magnets that can be applied on 2 separate goggles. If you would like to replace your black Sugru with a coloured Sugru please specify at check out*

All of our facemasks are made of a merino wool blend. Merino wool is very soft, naturally antibacterial, limits odors and wicks away sweat leaving you fresh, dry and warm.

The North45 facemask has been engineered to leave the perfect distance between your mouth and the material. This gap allows your hot breath to be exhaled from underneath keeping your goggles fog free!

The integrated magnet creates a perfect fit between the goggles and the facemask. This keeps your nose and cheeks properly covered and very warm.


Washing instructions : Hand wash and hang to dry.

Order now to stay warm and fog-free on your next outing at the hill!