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The Jibsaw MagTek is a core freestyle board for committed park and pipe riders. AmpTek Freestyle combines traditional camber for explosive pop and stability, with slight tip and tail rocker, keeping the Jibsaw playfully loose with effortless press-ability. Rossi’s exclusive Magne-Traction 7S features 50% smaller Mag bumps for smoother park performance and continuous edge hold. With Flatware tip and tail profiles, CBF² laminate, and a symmetrical freestyle flex, the Jibsaw is a dedicated true-twin designed for full-throttle park and pipe performance.

• AmpTek Freestyle Rocker
• Magne-Traction Sidecut 7S
• Wood C/K Core
• CBF2 – Continuous Basalt Fiber
• 4400 Sintered Base
• Radius to Flat Tip and Tail Profile


Rossignol Jibsaw 2013

The Jibsaw MagTek is a core park and pipe board for the most maniacly committed. A true twin that inflicts terror in onlookers while slaughtering the freestyle scene with bloody abandon, the Jibsaw will massacre every feature in your path. AmpTek Freestyle rocker, Magne-Traction edges, Flatware tip and tail profiles and new CBF combine for a diabolical blend of explosive pop, press-ability and razor-sharp edge hold. The Jibsaw MagTek is a reliably vicious companion for executing the most frightening features you can find; pull the throttle and quench your wicked thirst.

Rossignol Jibsaw 2012 Description

If destruction, mayhem and chaos are your business then the new Jibsaw MagTek is the board for you. Use Flatware tip and tail profiles for endless pressability, AmpTek Freestyle camber for diabolical pop, edge hold and maneuverability and Magne-Traction sidecut to make the gnarliest terrain bleed and the competition cry. The Jibsaw MagTek is the ultimate pipe and park shredder.

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Size Available 153,155,157,159
Weight 3080
Program Park
Shape True Twin
Inserts number 6×2
Core Wood C/K
Base density UHMW 7500
Range Advanced to Pro
Flex rate 7/10