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Eliminate the need for two decks with the F.V.K. The ultimate park deck is here.

The FVK, our urban and park deck of choice by Krister Ralles, Christian Manhard and past MNMNT members, for unparalleled durability and power when engaging unreal urban and park terrain. We developed our Park Camber mold to provide more control at the tips and increase stability on those epic landings as opposed to reverse cambered decks. Rockered between the bindings with regular camber under the bindings, the board goes flat then reverses again by the contact points. Using ESP II with its unique Bamboo laminates, the F.V.K has superior durability to maintain the board’s flex as well as providing you extra pop. We enhanced the base this year by increasing the Sintered base for ridiculous speed.

Artwork by: David M. Cook


  • E.S.P. II Core?
  • TTX
  • Muffle Walls
  • Rubber Foil Dampening System ?
  • Speed 4000 Base
  • Full Wrap Around Carbon Steel Edge
  • 12 Stainless Steel Inserts 6×2 Pattern