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Rome Anthem SS 2012

Anthem SS


riding very fast; turning very quickly; floating lines in pow; slashing lines in pow; straight-lining chutes in pow; Lucas Debari lines in the backcountry; taking a few laps through the park; methods off hips; extra large ollies; power

MSRP: $600.00 USD

Hybrid RipIt
Directional Standard
  • Jumps:


  • Jibs:


  • Pow Lines:


  • Carves:


  • Kill It All:


Super Poppy

  • HotRods: Carbon Torque

    We’ve reversed the direction of these to increase centerline pop, while still adding edge-gripping torsional response

  • PressurePop Tech: Kevlar V

    Lightweight, bomb-proof power-channeling tech that drives your energy into your contact points for max response

  • PowerBars: Carbon V

    Complementing the PressurePop Tech, these bars of carbon increase longitudinal and torsional pop

  • AirPop Core Matrix

    Our superlight matrix of low-density woods that delivers a snappy, lively feel

  • CarbonBiax Alloy Laminate

    50% carbon below the core and eco-friendly basalt above the core for the right balance of freestyle finesse with ollie pop

  • SinterCarbon.2 Base

    An ample amount of carbon nanoadditives reduce friction to optimize velocity

Rome Anthem SS 2011


This is the high-tech Weapon of Mountain Destruction. Built on the innovative Hybrid Camber chassis that we introduced last year, the new Anthem SS has been overhauled with HotRods and PressurePop Technology. While the camber line lets it alternate between floaty pow slashes and high-speed roller ollies, the new technology focuses energy where the rider want to input it, reduces weight, and increases strength.

MSRP: $600.00 USD

New Tech
  • HotRods: Carbon Torque
  • PressurePop Technology: Kevlar Reverse-V
  • Kevlar Impact Plates

Shape Camber

Directional Standard

Directional Standard


Hybrid Camber

Airpop Core Matrix

Maximum low-density wood species laced with bamboo, for maximum lightness and maximum pop

CarbonBiax Alloy Laminate

An eco-friendly basalt biax up top combines with a 50% carbon biax below for a superlight, super snappy feel

SinterCarbon.2 Base

High speed through the wax absorption of a sinter structure with the anti-static, anti-friction of carbon additives

HotRods: Carbon Torque

Thin carbon tubes oriented in the core for new levels of edge power and ollie/nollie pop

PressurePop Technology: Kevlar Reverse-V

Lightweight, energy-returning Kevlar patterned for longitudinal power without increased torque

Kevlar Impact Plates™

Bombproof and superlight protection under your bindings

Mountain Edge Bevel

-1° base/-1° side for maximum freestyle grip

Rome Anthem SS 2010

It’s been said that for nonconformity the world whips you with displeasure. That may be true. But with an Anthem SS strapped to your feet you can be nonconformist and whip hairpin lines—to the pleasure of those watching you kill it from the lift. With a heavy load of SDS tech, the Anthem SS has the dual-op ability to float easy through pow and throw a mean, belly-scratching bottom turn when you get back on the groomers. Hi-tech freeriding fun.

MSRP: $600.00 USD

Directional Standard
Airpop Core Matrix Ultralight with model-specific bamboo-powered pop

Z.TechCarbonBiax Alloy Laminate

Pure carbon below the core and a 50% carbon biax above the core teams up with Zylon stringers for super advanced levels of snap, lightness and strength

SinterCarbon.2 Base

More carbon=less friction=more speed

Impact Plates™

2.5 times stronger under foot

AC Technology

Air channels for greater lightness

Dual Inline PowerAmp Mapping

Double the tip and tail pop, with high energy release off edge

Z.Tech Torque Stringer Technology

Zylon mapped in curvature with the sidecut for the highest levels of torsional pop from edge to edge

LDC Technology

Low-density woods in low-stress regions of the core to reduce weight

Edge Bevel: Mountain (-1° base/-1° side)

All the edge power you expect, with just enough bevel to eliminate twitchiness

Hybrid Camber The pop and edge control of positive camber between the feet with the float of reverse camber in the tip and tail