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Nidecker Legacy 2012 Description

Sizes / 154 156 159 161 164XL
The Legacy, our classic freeride board, returns this year, fully fresh and rejuvenated. With our all-new eco-friendly construction, we have created an ecologically sound snowboard that minimizes damage to the environment. But don’t go thinking we have compromised performance in the pursuit of our green credentials, no siree bob, the Legacy still delivers truly awe inspiring performance over the whole mountain, no matter how fast or steep the going gets, this is one board that you can rely on to push you fully to the limit, and then bring you safely home.

- Freeride CamRock ®

The CamRock Freeride will give you everything you need for your backcountry line. There is more rocker in the nose to add float and improved maneuverability, matched with a smaller amount of camber under foot to keep your snowboard responsive. A small amount of rocker in the tail will give you stability and maneuverability.


- Directional

A purely directional board is best for all-mountain freeriding. The nose is longer and wi¬der than the tail, giving you plenty of control in any terrain, and the stance is set back to help you float above the pow. Plus, we stiffened the tail to help snap you out of turns and keep your speed up.

Exclusive Nidecker
- Freeflex 1.0

By reducing the wood and fiberglass in the nose and tail, and by reinforcing them with lighter, yet stronger, materials such as carbon fiber and Kevlar, Free Flex technology allows us to lighten up the board significantly while increasing strength, durability, and pop. Free Flex also dam¬pens vibrations and provides a unique, light feel in turn tran-sitions, due to its reduced thic¬kness and profile.

- Ultimate Traction

BRAND NEW THIS YEAR! Following the 2005 invention of UG, the industry’s first traction enhancer, Nidecker, always wanting to stay on the cutting edge, took the next step and developed the revolutionary ULTIMATE TRACTION (UT). With UT, Nidecker’s engineers have taken serrated edges to ano¬ther level. By strategically positioning five bumps along the board’s effective edges instead of using a more conventional serration, we have created enhanced reactivity in all conditions. As a result, you will have more control of your board and way more fun!

- Better grip anytime, anywhere.
- More hold and less fatigue = better performance.
- Extra edge control and more reactivity on any mountain.

- Master Wood Core

MasterCore construction is the result of our long history of experimentation in materials and woodcraft. It is the perfect harmony of different wood densities and wood species, which lightens up the core and re¬sults in a superior weight-to-performance-to-power ratio and an ultra-strong, uber-responsive, lightweight, and high performance core.


- Multi Carbon

This fiberglass, produced especially for Nidecker, allows more effective edge response and overall control. We added a bi-directional carbon fabric to allow for more finely tuned responsiveness. This is the premium fiber composite used in snowboards today.

- POP Carbon

The advantage of strategic carbon fiber placement in our boards allows for better response, and increased pop and stiffness. This is ideal for more aggressive riding, and it gives you a damper ride in all conditions.

- Vibra Kevlar

Vibra-Kevlar delivers a comfortable ride, reducing vibration and chatter under your feet. It gives you the confidence to go bigger and faster, no matter what the mountain throws at you.

- Linseed Fiber

Believe it or not, linseed fiber and basalt are the perfect match! In our search for environmentally friendly materials, we discovered that this combination is stronger than standard multi-axial fiberglass and also allows for a damper, more responsive ride.

- 8000

This sintered base has carbon nanopar¬ticles added to pro¬vide exceptional glide. It was specially developed by Nidec¬ker and is extremely impact resistant.

- Diamond

Stone & Diamond structured base on 2 axes to maximize glide and to optimize the dura-bility of the base.

Standard Nidecker
- Topsheet Duraclear

The most popular topsheet on the market, the Duraclear is strong and tough, able to withstand constant punishment.

- Edges

Our edges have 35% more steel than typical edges, which means that they have two and a half times the impact resistance of other edges offered on the market today.


The industry standard sidewall, tried and true. ABS means durability and reliability.


Nidecker Legacy 2011 Description

155 158 159XL 163XL 165XL

The Legacy is back this year under the label “ecoboard”. Ecology and construction is given new meaning in a perfect balance offering a “green” ride without compromising quality. This board is greatly appreciated by our longterm and most demanding riders.


Nidecker Legacy 2010 Description

A return to the essential for this pure pleasure freeride board, a concept rich in technicality for fluid no compromise rides. The directional shape as well as the new CAMROCK shape, gives the Legacy the control so appreciated by our team riders.

Contemporary urban graphics, for a freeride board, as today’s freerider is no longer a term reserved for riders just into steep descents, but since the arrival of a new generation of riders that evolve in a universe of freestyle moves in powder. Tricks on back country kickers are some of the areas where the “Legacy” excels in.


  • Sizes: 155, 158, 159XL, 163XL
  • Medium Flex
  • Kevlar ®
  • Team Finish
  • Full Length Wood Core
  • Insert 40x20mm
  • Carbon Stringer
  • Camrock