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Metafuse Technology

01 All New Machined Coring Stage III Base

  • 02 Carbon Injected Dupont™ Zytel® ST
  • 03 All New Asym/Symmetrical Full Carbon Highbacks
  • 04 Universal Disks
  • 05 Precision Adjustment Forward Lean
  • 06 All New Magnesium Buckles + Aluminum Cage
  • 07 Injected Dual Density Bushings
  • 08 All New CNC Anodized Aluminum Hardware
  • 09 All New Direct-Connect Strap System
    with Honeycomb Foam Construction
  • 11 All New Open Toe Straps
  • 12 Full Carbon Toe Ramps
  • 13 Lifetime Warranty Base
Metafuse HeelcupsMetafuse HeelcupsThe lightest and strongest
heelcups in the industry.
Machined CoringMachined CoringProcess removes material to reduce weight and maintain strength.
Full Carbon Toe RampsFull Carbon Toe Ramps100% energy transmission
from edge-to-edge.
Carbon Asymmetrical / Symmetrical HighbacksCarbon Asymmetrical / Symmetrical HighbacksNext-level heelside control—
the lightest on the market.
Union MC - BLACK


Union Force MC 2011 Company Info

  • 01 Metafuse Coring Stage II Base
  • 02 Carbon Injected Dupont
  • 03 Asym/Symmetrical Carbon Highback
  • 04 Precisioin Adjustment Forward Lean
  • 05 Injected EVA Bushings
  • 06 Metafuse Heelcups
  • 07 Direct Contact Strap System
  • 08 3D Auto-Fit EVA Strap Core
  • 09 Magnesium Buckles + Alum. Cage
  • 10 Universal Discs
  • 11 CNC Aluminum Hardware
  • 12 Toe Cup Design

Union Force MC 2010 Company Info

Welcome to the lightest binding on the planet. The Force-MC is powerful and efficient- a streamlined fusion of premium Dupont materials and full carbon components, including a super strong featherlight highback and gas pedal for a crucially-responsive ride. Add in the full benefit of machined coring strength and the industrys first magnesium heelcup, and you get the ultimate boot-to-binding-to-board interface for serious riders.

Machined Coring

New Technology = New standards in Strength VS Weight

Carbon Asymetrical / Symmetrical Highback

Next level heelside control — The lightest on the market

Magnesium Heelcup

The light and strongest heelcups in the industry

Full Carbon Toe Ramp

100% Energy transmission from edge-to-edge.

Size 6-10 is M/L
Size 10-13 is L/XL