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System Rocker / Splitboard / Mountain-Twin / Medium Flex

The Abacus Split is a highly versatile backcountry machine built around a reclined version of our System Set of Rocker Technologies to provide the arc-it-in, float-over dominance you expect from a reverse camber design, yet with the right amount of snow contact for real “on-skin” performance.

1. Universal Splitboard Insert Packs – work with all splitboard bindings
2. Power Ply Top – structural, performance enhancing real wood
3. Ply made with premium burled eucalyptus
4. Mixed Glassing – a triax / biax blend for all-mountain shredding
5. Blended Paulownia-Poplar wood core – lighter weight durability
6. 360-Degree Full Wrap Sidewalls – durability and impact resistance
7. Carbon Fiber Reinforced Tip and Tail – added pop and durability
8. Sintered Base – a faster, more durable material * Stainless Steel tip and tail protectors for added durability

Arbor Abacus 2013


Finally the Arbor splitboard you demanded – the Abacus is back as a highly versatile backcountry machine. Built on the new Pow System to provide all the arc- it-in, float-over dominance you expect, with a reclined version?of our Parabolic Rocker that improves contact for max on-skin performance.

Includes attachment hardware from Karakoram.



Arbor Abacus 2011

When conditions are epic, this taper-tail delivers arc-it-in, float-over dominance. But pure pow-days can be few and far between, so the Abacus was designed to provide expanded performance across a wide range of terrain.


Wood Power Ply / Rocket Base / Voodoo Core / Mountain Stance


Artist: Kevin Smith

Check out The Abacus video for all of the insight into this Arbor Snowboard.


WOOD POWER PLY – Arbor’s wood Power Ply works like a 3rd layer of fiberglass – during construction resin locks the dense natural fibers in place, creating a composite layer that structurally enhances a board for added return and improved durability, while allowing for important weight reduction. The Power Ply technology allows Arbor to reduce our overall reliance on chemically treated fiberglass and petroleum-based resin by up to 20%.  The Power Ply is produced using sustainably sourced, natural wood veneer. The variance of real wood grain creates a one-of-a-kind look on each board made with this technology.


BIO-FILM – Every board in the Arbor line is now built with an ultra thin protective top foil made using 30% caster bean based bio-plastic.  This top sheet protects the board from damage caused by loose bindings, out-of-control skiers, or other unforeseen impacts.  Its natural glossy nature also eliminates the need for environmentally harmful clear coats.




VOODOO CORE – Arbor’s second lightest and most versatile core, designed for mountain and park level durability; built with a 100% FSC certified, sustainably produced “TDS” poplar. TDS is a specially selected lighter grade of wood.




ROCKET BASE – A higher molecular weight, wax-infused sintered base that provides unmatched durability and speed




KINKED PROGRESSIVE – A blended tri-radial sidecut that provides the same improved turning, initiation, and stability as our standard progressive sidecut, while adding specific performance benefits to our fish shape.  A tighter tail radius kinks out the trailing edge making it easier to find and hold, which is usually more difficult in tapered designs.  This alteration improves performance across varied terrain and in mixed conditions, creating a more versatile ride.




RHYTHM RAILS – Made from an advanced blend of ABS and urethane; delivers durability, a clean, acoustically damp ride, and solid edge performance.




MIXED GLASSING – A triax over biax lay-up that’s best for versatile on-mountain and park riding.




CARBON FIBER STRUT – Inserting carbon fiber down the center of a board creates a compression strut that livens up a board’s longitudinal flex and improves durability without affecting turn-ability, spin initiation, or landing recoverability – designed for mixed mountain and park performance.






2X4 14-PACKS – An insert system that provides a wide stance range and amazing micro adjustability; used to create Arbor’s:


Mountain Stance – Max Stance: 24.4″ / 62 cm




MEDIUM SHADOW – Delivers mountain and park performance.  A slight tapered thinning of the core profile between the bindings, improves: turn and spin initiation; tracking in mixed conditions, on the flats, and during landings; and performance on rails, boxes, and naturals.




RECYCLED STEEL – Built with hardened steel edges made with 60% recycled steel; provides maximum edge performance.




Every board in the Arbor line comes with a two-year warranty on material and workmanship.  We stand by everything we make.




Arbor Abacus 2010

Shape calculation – stash exploration.

When conditions are epic, this powder fish, with its structural ravenswood top, delivers total float-over, arc-it-in dominance.  But pure pow days are too few and far between – so this functional taper-tail is specifically designed to deliver real performance in mixed conditions and across variable terrain.