List Price US $409
Burton AK Hover 3L Snowboard Pant Review
Type Shell
Jacket to Pant Interface Yes
Layer Count 3 Layer
Company Waterproof Rating
Company Breathability Rating
Manufactured in China


Waterproofing Excellent
Breathability Great


Packability Very Thin

Burton AK Hover 3L 2015 - 2012 Review by The Good Ride

The Burton AK Hover 3L Pant is really expensive but we like that Burton has made a pant comparable to Arctex and the other ultra tech pants in the ski world.  This is about as good as you can get for protection and it’s very well constructed. Lately Burton has gone really tight around the upper thigh and butt to the point it doesn’t fit everyone these days.

Size Tried: Medium
James’ Specs:
Height: 5’10”,
Weight: 195 lbs,
Waist 33”
Hips 42”
Inseam 30”
Upper Thigh 24.5”
Middle Thigh 22”
Calves 17”
Turn On’s: Size M pants that fit well around my thighs, Riding with Friends, Open Roads, new gear and especially my wife.
Turn Off’s: M Pants that I can’t get up over my thighs, traffic and people who can’t park inside the lines.

Fit: Really bummed about how Burton Pants fit the last couple of years. I don’t mind how it fits around the calves, knees and mid thigh but it’s really tight these days around the upper thigh to my butt. It’s so tight to the point that it cant fit much in terms of layering.  My keys would also start working their way through the pant and in a week or so they’d have marks. In a few months The keys would poke through.  So if you are like Peter and Jimbo with strong but skinny this will fit you fine. If you are like me with thick thighs then you should shop somewhere else.

Construction: Outstanding construction that will last a long time. Burton makes some pretty cool technical sheslls

Insulation/Warmth: The Burton AK Hover 3 L Pant is an ultra technical shell to protect from the outer elements and it doesn’t really anything for warmth but does shield you from wind and every kind of weather.

Waterproofing: Pretty bombproof here and if you have to hike through rain every day at the bottom of your local mountain this pant will hold up.

Breathability: Very breathable and borderline excellent. There are some other membranes/laminates that offer more breathability like 37.5 and Sympatex but this is definitely near the top.

Overall: It you are that guy who likes to hike all over the mountain you have a great pant. It is a great pure shell that is bombproof and has excellent customer service to back it up if anything goes wrong.

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